Bridesmaids Luncheon

February 26th, 2016

First thing on the agenda the day before the wedding was to go to McBryde, our reception venue located on Winthrop University’s Campus, at 9:00AM to oversee set up. Being the Type A that I am, I wanted to have a hand in placing some of the details on the tables and just a sneak peak before it all came together. Along with my mom, Caitlyn, my aunt, and a few other helpers, we knocked out most of the tables that had candles (as flowers came on Saturday), placed magnolia leaves, gold chargers, and the favors  at each place setting, and made sure that the “extras” like the cake table and gift table were in place. It all made me so excited to see how it would look the next day. 

After that, mama and I went to see Lee at Vogue Hair Salon to get our hair done before the bridesmaid’s luncheon. Lee gave my first haircut and has been doing my mom’s hair for over 25 years and it was so special for her to do my hair for the wedding, but because she is just so precious – she offered to do our hair on Friday, just for fun – and for free!

When I got back to the house after hair, I had flowers on the kitchen counter from Clay. They were so beautiful and had the sweetest note attached. 


With all my girls arriving for the bridesmaid’s luncheon, I was getting so excited and realizing it was all really happening! We all headed over to the Creech’s house (50 feet from mine) and the set up was just so beautiful and the food amazing. Ashley has the spiritual gift of menu planning 😉 



After eating, I gave out gifts! It was fun to think back on how I met each of my girls and how they had impacted my life up until that point. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for each of them and as I gave gifts, I took a moment to speak about how they have uniquely loved me and shown me true friendship over the years. I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything.


As we wrapped up, Ashley gave us the cutest little “wedding kit” filled with all the things – deodorant, hairspray, chapstick, bobbypins, lotion, a candle, etc. etc. It was the sweetest. Of course, we took some group pics and then it was off to get ready for the rehearsal! 



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