Wedding Day: First Look with Luke / Family Pictures

Devin and Kathryn placed Luke outside of the church in this little patch of grass and I walked out of the door and slowly walked up behind him, tapped him on the shoulder, and there it was – our first look! It was just the best. It was emotional, but not too emotional – just sweet and fun and calming.


I was the girl who knew I wanted a first look when I was 16 and didn’t know anything else about weddings and had never really thought about that kind of stuff, except for that I wanted a first look. Kind of weird, right? I had seen something randomly on the internet about the benefits of a first look and I thought, “wow – I love this idea!” Seven years later, I had not wavered, and it was a mutual decision that Luke and I both were excited about from the start. 


We chatted and hugged and took some pictures and then it was time for bridal party pictures!!


When my bridesmaids came out of the church with their pashminas and flowers, I about died. They looked SO GORGEOUS. The dress looked perfect on everyone, the flowers were just as I dreamed, and they were truly a vision!


After all of our bridal party pictures, I took a little break inside the church and warmed up while Luke took some individuals with his groomsmen. When it was time to come back out for our family pictures, all of Luke’s groomsmen and ushers were lined up doing a spirit tunnel – it was so impromptu and cute and one of my favorite pictures from the wedding day! Then my mom said, “what about for me?” And so they did one for her too! LOL, it was the most precious! 


After all the many pictures, it was time to head back to the parlor and chill for a bit before the ceremony. Lee came back to touch up my hair, Lindsey helped me use the bathroom, and I had some time with my bridesmaids before the ceremony started. About 20 minutes before the ceremony, my bridesmaids and family prayed over me and once again, peace swept over me and I felt in my spirit the weight of what I was about to do – form a covenant with Luke and the Lord for the remainder of my life – and I had never felt so ready.


After praying, everyone had to get ready to line up, but I had about 10 minutes to myself before I walked down the aisle. It was so weird to be alone for those 10 minutes, but I stood over the heater in the room (anyone who knows me is laughing because I LOVE HEATERS), listened to what I could of the music playing in the sanctuary and just prayed and prepared myself. Soon, my Daddy came to get me and it was TIME TO GET MARRIED!!

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