Fall at the Ham Home

Originally Posted on November 9th, 2016

This Fall has been such a fun and busy time for Luke and I. Between Luke’s crazy school schedule, Clemson games, weddings, bridal showers, friends coming to visit, and Fall Retreat with the youth at our church, we’ve been all over the place, but it’s been such a blessing.

But, I did of course make time for gathering some Fall decor, because not much makes me happier than pinecones and leaves and pumpkins. With Fall being my favorite season (yet equally tied with Christmas?), I got a little ambitious and started throwing fall decor all over our house on September 1st (next year, I may try and practice a little more self control). But, no real regrets, because these decorations have been helping me feel in the Fall spirit, since the weather certainly has not! Praise the Lord for the beautiful chilly weather we have had this week!

I loved dressing up our entryway and being able to use the hay bale from June and Nora’s Farm Party! But… note to self for next year: When I get all excited about Fall on September 1st, wait at least another month for the mums, because my mums are dead even though I was very loving towards them. So sad.


The kitchen is my favorite spot in our home, which is quite funny since I dislike cooking and Luke does 99% of it. I don’t know what it is, it’s just cozy yet spacious and is usually where we find ourselves most evenings while we catch up on each other’s day. With fall decorating, I tried to stick to a very small budget, so it is all mostly baby pumpkins from Walmart/The Farmer’s Market, two tea towels from Target, and pinecones, wood, and boxwood leaves from our yard.

I did give myself a little splurge with new chargers, napkins, and napkin rings from Pier 1, but they were on sale and are so versatile for all the seasons, so I’m not feeling too guilty about it!  Also, in one of the pictures, you can see the pinecone garland hanging over the doorpost, which was such an easy little project that included jute rope, baking pinecones from the yard to preserve them, tying a knot around the top of the pinecone and then looping it on the garland. No hot glue or creative skill needed, trust me 🙂


Our project for October was putting these shelves up and making a little coffee bar, which turned out to really fill out this semi awkward space in our kitchen and we just love it. I got the shelves from Target and waited until they were 30% off and then found the basket at Tuesday morning for $6. I made the boxwood wreath with boxwood leaves from our front yard and $1 craft wreath from Dollar Tree, but it is starting to die, so I need to try and preserve them for the next go ’round! Everything else on the shelves we already had, found in our backyard, or was a wedding gift.img_8252

We were especially happy to have this little area when we had our church small group over earlier this week for a bonfire! It was fun to have a place where we could keep all the hot drinks, since it’s finally chilly! 

As shown in several of the pictures above, my newest obsession is decorating with printables! There are so many precious printables for all the seasons online that are either free or cost as little as a dollar and they are so easy to switch in and out each season!


Finally, a few small touches in the living room! We were a bit spoiled this season, because Luke’s parents went to the Amish country in early October and brought us back so many unique and gorgeous pumpkins for our hearth from different Amish families who make their living off their pumpkin patches and each of the pumpkins, even the big white one, were no more than $2…crazy!

And that is Fall at the ham home! Can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks until Thanksgiving and almost time to embrace all that is Christmas! I’m that girl who is already playing Christmas music (be sure to download Christy Nockels, Lauren Daigle, and Matt Redman’s new Christmas albums…just wow they’re amazing), because why is some of the best music in the world confined to a month? No no, not for me. But, as far as decor goes, I’ll enjoy this for a little while longer!

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