August 2019

Lake days with friends. Saying goodbye until Christmas to my sweet intern, Taylor. Ember worship night with Lindsey.  Lots of lunches and dinners with sweet friends - old and new. Visit from the Bolands. NRHC Commissioning Service. Beginning of Old Town Church. Tyson born. Andrea's wedding. LOTS OF WILLOW FUN.

July 2019

JULY - The Nesters visiting us (the best quality time, play time with Willow, Rock Hill exploring, Knights Game in the rain, Fireworks in the neighborhood). Willow's first puppacino, first grooming, and a fun play date with her sister, Savvy! Forrest + Bailey's wedding. Coordinating Hannah + Cabell's Wedding. Luke started working full-time as the … Continue reading July 2019

May 2019

I think the whole world gets together and says, "Let's make May the craziest month ever!" because truly - every year, no matter if you're in school or not, young or old, May is always filled to the brim with events and there was no exception with us this year. It was a month full … Continue reading May 2019

March 2019

Our puppy was born on March 10th. 10 total in the litter and we had no idea how to decide, especially as first pick because all 10 sweet pups would be available! We continued to settle very slowly but surely into our home. This was our living room situation for a month before our couch … Continue reading March 2019