Wedding Day: Getting Ready


The night before my wedding, I slept in my own childhood bed and had my room to myself. I remember feeling at peace, yet so wired at the same time and I just could not sleep. I took a bath, read my Bible, wrote in my journal, watched Netflix, etc …and finally got to sleep for about 3 hours. When I woke up, I felt completely rested and awake (which is crazy because I literally require like 9 hours of sleep a night haha). I joked with all of my bridesmaids that I woke up, sat straight up, and was like “it’s my time to shine.” I know..diva, but I WAS SO PUMPED. It was the most beautiful day – 100% sunny, with a low of 32 and a high of 56 – just the weather we had so many people praying for. 

The running joke (although I didn’t find it too funny) in the Cooper house was that it was going to snow. With February 27th being my birthday, I was all too familiar with weather on that day. I have had 4 birthdays where it has snowed big time. I have also had birthdays where it was 85 degrees. And as much as I think snow is BEAUTIFUL, especially in wedding pictures, I was scared to death snow would mean no guests, since the world shuts down in Rock Hill, SC when it snows. So I prayed and prayed and asked everyone I knew to pray for a SUNNY DAY, with no chance of snow. Praise the Lord, that’s what we got!!  


When I got up, I took a shower and dried my hair and helped my mom get breakfast set up. We had juice, mimosas, fruit, breakfast casserole and bagels. Yummy!  After breakfast, we opened up presents – because couldn’t forget it was my birthday 😉 –  my parents gave me an adorable welcome mat for our new home and a Kate Spade purse! I was absolutely floored by the purse and it such an awesome surprise.


After presents, Lee arrived to do my hair and soon after, Devin and Kathryn, our photographers and Max Huggins, our videographer arrived. Destiney , a family friend who is amazing with hair, arrived soon after as well and did all my bridesmaids hair. After hair, it was makeup time and I went to be with all of the girls while they were getting their hair done in the dining room. It was such a relaxing and fun time of just hanging out, snacking, dancing around, etc. My parent’s sweet friends, Donna and Tommy brought by a chickfila lunch tray, June and Ashley came over for lunch, and then we all had cupcakes after lunch as everyone sang happy birthday. I mean once again…best birthday ever!



While the girls were getting ready at my house, the boys had a lazy morning, got lunch at Groucho’s and headed to the church to start getting ready. Isn’t my man the most handsome!!?? 



As me, mama and the girlies all finished our hair and makeup and gathering our things, we hopped in the 15 passenger van to head to First ARP. Once we arrived at First ARP, my bridesmaids went into one of the rooms to get dressed while I got dressed with my mom and Lindsey in the parlor. During this time, my MIL Shelley came into the parlor to give me a birthday surprise and included with my present was a precious handwritten note about detailing her prayers for me since Luke was born. It was absolutely beautiful. Then Lindsey and mama helped me get dressed, conquered the tying of my bow :), and it was time for all the first looks!


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