Wedding Day: Our Reception

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When we arrived at McBryde, we all went to the Tuttle Room, a room off to the side of the ballroom where we would wait until we were introduced. This was the first time all day I felt even a little nervous, but I think it was more excitement than nervousness. Our bridal party was all lined up to be introduced and coming up with cute little dances to do. We were about to enter our reception…what!? I could not wait to see how McBryde looked and party with so many of our friends!!


We waited as everyone was introduced and then it was time for us! Luke and I came out and everyone stood up and clapped and cheered and it was just one of the best feelings ever. I remember being so in love with how the room looked and couldn’t wait to soak in every detail.Luke and I took the dance for our first dance, “Never Gonna Let You Go” by Ben Rector and danced our little hearts out.



Then Daddy and I danced to “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder and had a little surprise choreographed part in the middle, which was one of my favorite memories all night. Daddy and I practiced for weeks for this short little 20 second part, but it turned out great and we had so much fun with it.


Luke and his mom then danced to “How Sweet It Is” and they were so darn cute.


After the first dances, my parents took the stage and my dad welcomed everyone and blessed the food and then Luke and I sat down to eat. I wasn’t hungry and just wanted to walk around and visit, but we had this cute sweetheart table and our plates had been fixed, so Luke made me sit down and I promised him 5-7 minutes, haha. I really am glad we took a few minutes to ourselves and ate a little. I was even more glad that lots of leftovers were boxed up for us so that we could eat at 4am that morning when we were really hungry. Because…our food was amazing! Herb Roasted Chicken, Carved Pork Tenderloin, Mac and Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Veggies, Salad, and Rolls!

After those 5-7 minutes, Luke and I got up to visit with people and it was just so so wonderful to soak up our guests love and kind words. It is so special and so good for your heart when after so many months of deliberate planning, you see how well people receive it and how their hearts were touched and Jesus was glorified. I was overwhelmed with God’s goodness to allow everything to come together so perfectly.


Luke and I went to cut our gorgeous dream cake (well, my dream cake) by Sylvia’s Cakes and it was sort of hilarious, because we had no idea what we were doing, but somehow we made it work. Our cake was the most delicious cake I’ve ever had and I might be a little biased, but ya’ll – it was seriously so good. It was 5 layers, with each layer having a different flavor/filling. We had blueberry/lemon, white chocolate/strawberry, chocolate/raspberry, and strawberries/cream. Everyone has told us that Sylvia’s cakes taste just as good a year later, so we can’t wait to eat our top layer this week!


After cutting the cake, we visited around some more and then hit the dance floor for our choreographed dance with our bridal party. Shout out to Mrs. Carlile for her mad choreographing skills!


Now, it was time to DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!

A little while later, Clay got on the stage to announce it was my birthday and everyone sang me happy birthday and then the band sang “Sweet Caroline.” 🙂 My favorite, of course.

Later on, our photographers surprised everyone with a reception slideshow of images throughout the day, which was the most special. When they offered this to us during our initial meeting with them, my mom was sold. She was so pumped about it, and it did not disappoint!

After the slideshow, the Tiger showed up and everyone got pumped up again! There was more dancing and then chocolate chip cookies came out soon after.


A few minutes before leaving, we did our bouquet and garter toss and enjoyed the last few dance songs. I couldn’t believe it was over. My mom came to tell me we had about 10 minutes, and I said…”but I don’t want to leave!” I was so excited to start married life with Luke, but it was sad that the sweetest day was coming to an end.


Devin and Kathryn surprised us with a small photo album of pictures from that very day at the end of the night and Luke and I were like, “HOW ARE YA’LL SO AMAZING!!?” Then it was time for our exit!


We left to bubbles, hugged our parents goodbye, and hopped in the getaway car. Our special day was over, but oh how our lives were only beginning.


Luke Grayson Hamilton, you are God’s greatest gift to me. I promised to trust you to lead me the way God intended, and you have done just that. I will continue to trust and cherish you for as long as I live. You are grace and patience personified. You have pointed me to Christ in all things, covered me in prayer, and reminded of the truth when I could not see it. I can’t wait to take on this year and all the years to come with you, striving always to extend the Kingdom of God in our marriage. I love you! Happy 1st anniversary, babe!!!


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