Anniversary Staycation

Luke and I had the best time celebrating our one year anniversary this past weekend! Our anni was one month ago, but we had to postpone our celebrations a bit due to our anniversary falling on a very stressful week for Luke in school and tax season at my work.

On our actual anniversary, we had a wonderfully relaxing Monday night filled with pizza, our wedding cake, birthday and anni gifts, reading back over all of our wedding cards, and we started a tradition where every year we will write a letter to each other in this beautiful leather journal that we can always look back on and establish as an heirloom in our family. It was also my birthday, so that weekend, Luke made me the best cake, which I decorated and we celebrated with our families.

We decided to just have a low key night on the actual day, but wanted to make a point of doing a little something special when things calmed down. This past weekend turned out to be the perfect time! With tax season at work, I have been working every Saturday and we knew that however we celebrated, it needed to be close to home as to not waste too much time traveling since we knew we would only have part of the weekend. So, right after getting off work Saturday, we hopped in the car, drove the whopping 35 minutes to the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge and had a wonderful 30ish hour little vacay to celebrate well…13 months of marriage, and it was just the best. I sure do love sweet quality time with my man!!

On Saturday afternoon/evening, we rested, ate at Cowfish, shopped around at SouthPark, and got some caramel turtle cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory to take back to the hotel for dessert. On Sunday, we ate a quick brunch and then went to see Beauty and the Beast and wow wow wow, was it amazing!! I am going again later this week with my mama, because it’s just that good.


Definitely the kind of weekend we needed, as we are feeling rested and rejuvenated and ready to tackle April!

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