I Got it from My Mama


Oh mama, how I love you.

You are my very best friend

…but it hasn’t always been that way, of course.

I remember coming home from school and telling you about what other moms did or how they were so “nice” to their kids and let them do whatever they wanted and bought them whatever, etc. I was so blind to how you were trying to mold me and influence me for the better. I remember you saying, “Caroline, I do not care one bit if your friends at school have nicer moms or moms that are like their friend, because I am not your friend, I am your mother. One day, when you are older, we will be friends, but not now.”

I’m pretty sure I stomped off, mumbled you were “so mean” and that was that. You never held those moments where I pitched a fit  against me and never really even expected me to understand, but you required that I respect the way you parent and that one day, I indeed would understand your reasoning.

As I think back, you and I … as most mothers and daughters .. have been through it.

Through the elementary years where the fight was about me sleeping in my own bed and my shopping limit at Limited Too. Through the middle school years where my angst and hormones were enough to make us both blot out those 3-4 years from our minds entirely. Through the high school years, where I was probably a little easier to live with but was dealing with all the hormones and feelings that come with having your first boyfriend (bless you and Luke). Through my first bout with anxiety. Through my adjustment to college. Through my engagement season and wedding. Through it all.


Through it all, you’ve been there – loving me when I’m loveable and when I’m so not. Rejoicing with me, celebrating with me, crying with me. Gracious to me when I’m a diva…because let’s be honest, I got it from you.


I will never be able to fully express how thankful I am to call you my “Moomy” (this is not a typo, friends…I call her “Moomy”). I remember thinking you were so tough while growing up, so unwavering in your rules and expectations. I can now look back at it and see all the grace too. You expected out of me what you knew I was capable of, and then beyond. But, never so in a way that made me feel scared to fail. I’ve always known you loved me  and believed in me like no one else.


You’ve never been afraid to admit your faults, apologize and ask for forgiveness – this has taught me humility and grace. You’ve never backed away from expressing, through your words and time, that no matter what we did, you would love us the same – this has taught me the unconditional love of Jesus. You’ve never neglected sharing personal stories with us so that we can learn from your mistakes, or rejoice in your triumphs – this has taught me vulnerability and shown me the value in speaking truth. 


Anyone who knows you knows you is better because of it. You are a warrior, as I always say. An absolute supermom. How you had time to sleep even two hours a night while we were growing up, I will never know. You completed graduate school with two elementary aged kids, a full time job, and a part time job, while never missing an important event in our lives. You are a loving wife, active in church, are always the president of some committee or board in our community and you never seem to miss a beat. Excuse me?

Even as I type that…I think, who can do all of those things at once? Of course, you can.  You are hands down the hardest working person I know and have sacrificed more than I will ever know to love your family so tangibly. You are an advocate for those you love in an unparalleled way and I will admire your strength and courage through whatever life throws your way as long as I live.

So, to my beautiful Moomy – thank you for being the best mother and friend that a daughter could ask for. I wouldn’t trade ya for the world! Happy Mother’s Day!

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