Luke’s Car Accident

On September 14th, 2017, Luke was in a car accident right outside of our house. Everyone car accident is horrible in itself, but this was truly horrific. While Luke was waiting to turn left into our driveway (so sitting still), a lady hit him from behind at 60mph, no brakes whatsoever. It is an absolute miracle that Luke is alive and well and we are praising the Lord for his protection over Luke’s life at 5:40pm on Thursday evening.

I was in a workout class across town and had left my phone in my car. When I got in my car at 6:15, I had 10 missed calls from a bunch of random numbers, but before I could figure out what was going on, Luke’s brother called me to let me know he had been in an accident, but was okay. He didn’t have many details but told me it was near our house, so to head home.

I immediately headed home, but was about 25 minutes away, so I first called Luke (which I should have gathered his phone was trapped in the car since he had been calling on random numbers) and when he didn’t answer, I called my mom and told her to head towards my house, knowing she could get to him before I could. I then called all of the numbers that had called me back to try and get more information.

I finally got in touch with one of our neighbors, who started to explain the accident to me and I soon found out that it was a serious accident and that Luke’s car was in a ditch. I stopped my neighbor and said, “I’m sorry…did you just say my husband and his car are in A DITCH!!??” He reassured me Luke was okay. At this point, I was still 10 minutes away from home, hitting every red light, had not heard Luke’s voice, and was continually praying for God to calm my nerves and also praising Him because as everyone had said, “Luke was okay.”

When I finally got close to our house, I could see the scene below and my heart sunk. Soon after, I saw Luke walking up the driveway and I couldn’t get to him fast enough. I’ve never been so thankful to hug him and hold him close. I had so many questions, but in that moment, knowing he was okay was enough.

We are already recounting the blessings and ways things could have been so much worse. Praise the Lord no one was in the car with him, that the other driver was okay too, that Luke had already rolled his window down to get the mail and was able to jump out of the car from that window, that his air bag did not implode, allowing him to swerve away from oncoming traffic and avoid a head on collision with our neighbor. Just “wow” over and over, we serve a faithful God!


Mom and I threw a shower for Natalie this past weekend and Luke had gone to Trader Joe’s after work to pick up all of the flowers and somehow, some of them did survive the accident…the least of our worries, but little victories!


Luke hit his head against the steering wheel pretty hard, so we spent most of the night in the ER, but thankful that as of right now, most everything looks okay!



It probably seems crazy to most, but Luke’s little blue car, which we affectionately called “baby blue” and “Curtis” meant a whole whole lot to us. Yes, it was 21 years old, but it was a heck of a car and if sentimental value is a real thing, then Curtis was priceless. It was the most reliable car, never needed any major maintenance, never broke down on us, was comfortable, and just a part of us. We rode in Curtis to our proms, to and from college, and all around town to our high school shenanigans. It held some of our first smooches, our most serious talks, so much laughter, so many trips and just MEMORIES. Obviously cars are replaceable and Luke is not, so we are all GOOD, but will miss Curtis so much and are having a little bit of a grieving period! 🙁



^The last picture was taken after I had a fender bender in Luke’s car EXACTLY two years before (to the day!) of Luke’s current accident.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out, loved us, and prayed for us over the past couple of days. All glory and praise to Jesus for His protection, love and for blessing us with an amazing family and community.

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