October 2017: Moving, Clay’s Ring Ceremony, and WEDDINGS!

October was the busiest month ever! Full of change and a few challenges, but also filled with sweet friends, weddings, and reunions!

The whole month of October consisted of a super TOUGH rotation for Luke. There were lots of projects, super early wake up calls, and it was all happening in the midst of our unexpected move. It opened our eyes, even more so, to how blessed we are with amazing support from family and friends as we were covered in prayer and so many came alongside of us to make our quick move happen pretty flawlessly!

Once the second half of the month rolled around, we knew we had to gear up for weddings!!

Luke and I coordinated Natalie’s Wedding and it was seriously such an AMAZING weekend. Read more about it here. 

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October also brought my brother, Clay’s, Clemson Ring Ceremony. It was a long Tuesday with a lot of time spent in the car but it was SO SPECIAL to be there for Clay. Being a Clemson grad myself, I may have cried multiple times because Clemson is the most special place in the world and receiving your Clemson ring is a really BIG deal. I couldn’t be more excited for Clay to have his but am also still crying over the fact that he graduates in May, meaning I have been out of college for 3 years. WHAT!?


We closed out the month with Zach + Mary’s precious wedding weekend in Columbia, SC and it was just the kind of weekend Luke and I needed, because we got to see so many of our precious friends, including my bestie Caitlyn (who lives in Boston) so my heart actually couldn’t have been happier. It is also important to note that Luke and I also fell in love with the Flower’s sheepadoodle, Seamus, and now know what puppy we are getting when I finally give in to getting a puppy 😉 But seriously…I don’t love dogs (judge me) and I’m pretty obsessed with sheepadoodles now because of sweet Seamus, so big things happening over here.




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