The Farmhouse – The Outside & Entryway


Ahh…our front porch! Such a fun spot to decorate and enjoy! I loved putting out fresh seasonal decor to welcome guests into our home and it was my favorite during Fall and Christmas time!


When you walked into our foyer, you could see straight into the living room and the tiny space in between the doors and the living room was the perfect place for a little bench for jackets, shoes, whatever it may be and for a little decor of course 🙂 The gorgeous painting of the church we got married in above the bench was painted for us by our lovely friend, Laddie Neil. It brings me to tears because I love it so much. My mom and mother-in law also have paintings of the churches they got married in by Laddie and my mom had Laddie paint our old house! Safe to say, we love Laddie and she’s so stinkin talented!!!

FullSizeRender (18)Cooper-161

I sort of have a thing for pillows 🙂 So, this bench was the perfect spot to change my pillows up and put a “throw.” I scored the garden bench at an Estate Sale for $50 and it was already painted that gorgeous blue! I was so pumped about it and it is still one of my favorite pieces of furniture we own!


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