Positives of Living with Parents Again

Well, here we are almost two months into our new living situation and I’m choosing to #getaftergrateful and list out 7 positives/things I am thankful for in our current situation 🙂

  1. We of course didn’t want to move and go through the process of putting 90% of our belongings in storage, BUT I did to get to purge and organize a ton throughout that process, which makes me feel so great! It will hopefully make moving into our next home a lot easier and very clutter-free!
  2. I am a clean-freak and so I spent a good bit of time at our old house cleaning and straightening up and I truly do enjoy that…but I am also loving only having 2 rooms to clean now and really loving that my parent’s precious cleaning lady does most of the deep cleaning every month. Luke and I have realized that we naturally have more free time to just spend together without a lot of the old household chores.
  3. A shorter commute time – it shaves a little over 10 minutes off both of our commutes, which isn’t much – but we’ll take it!
  4. We LOVE my parent’s neighborhood and it is the best place to take evening walks. Since our old house was on a highway, we didn’t have anywhere to walk safely, so we are loving our frequent walks!
  5. City Water! This one is silly, but it is HUGE for me! At our old house, we had well water and it was horrible for my hair and my skin. We tried every solution and every filter and it never really helped, so I am so very happy to be back on city water, as my hair has never felt better and my skin cleared up completely within one week! Having city water or a built in filtration system is a TOP priority for our next house, haha! 🙂
  6. We are saving some extra money without rent, which has awesome, since we were hit with needing to buy a car after Luke’s accident and will also be looking for a house soon. Also, I have found that our monthly budget has gone down just because I haven’t been buying little decor things for our house here and there – because let’s be honest, I did that quite often – and those things do add up!
  7. And of course – quality time with my family truly is a plus. We really aren’t around each other as much as I thought with living under the same roof, as Luke and I have the entire upstairs, my parents work late, and we have all been going our separate ways on the weekends between weddings and Clemson games. But, it has been nice to walk downstairs in the evening to chat with them about our days and I truly do cherish these extra moments with them.




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