Ryan + Grea: May 2018 Dairy Barn Wedding

Ryan and Grea’s Wedding was so sweet and an absolutely beautiful day filled with so much love and FUN. I had the privilege of coordinating their wedding as well as doing their centerpieces! They are the most precious couple and their love for one another is contagious! Thank y’all for letting Luke and I be a small part of your day, it was an honor!

Venue: The Dairy Barn 
DJ: Island Sound
Photographer: Julia Fay Photography
Florist: Publix & Caroline Hamilton Wedding Coordination
Rentals: Creative Solutions
Caterer: Scott Patterson
Cake: Rebekah’s Treats 


IMG_6724 (1)IMG_6723IMG_6722 (1)IMG_6721IMG_6720 (1)IMG_6718 (1)IMG_6717IMG_6715IMG_6716 (1)IMG_6714 (1)IMG_6719IMG_6713IMG_6712 (1)IMG_6711 (1)IMG_6710 (1)IMG_6709 (1)IMG_6708 (1)IMG_6725IMG_6726 (1)IMG_6726IMG_6727 (1)IMG_6728IMG_6729 (1)IMG_6730IMG_6731 (1)IMG_6732IMG_6733 (1)IMG_6734IMG_6735 (1)IMG_6736IMG_6737 (1)IMG_6738IMG_6739 (1)IMG_6740IMG_6742IMG_6741 (1)



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