Proud Daughter Post :)

This week has been a BIG week for my mama and I’m just so proud!!

I have an amazing mama! She would never brag on herself, so good thing she has me 😉  Anyone who knows her speaks of her strength. It’s one of her most noticeable and admirable qualities. Her strength comes from deep within her soul, which rests in the Lord and she is just the kind of person you want and NEED on your side.

I have seen my sweet mama demonstrate incredible strength in just about every kind of situation possible and I really don’t get it – how someone can be so gracious, loving, helpful, no-nonsense, compassionate, intelligent, and STRONG even when things are not the best. Jesus is so mighty in her and it’s something to behold!

My whole life I’ve watched her work a full time job and a part time job. All while – getting her Masters, serving on just about every community board in Rock Hill at some point, serving at church, going on every field trip, being at every class party, concert, ball game and event and loving my Daddy and Clay and I so fiercely. You see what I mean!? She’s quite the lady.

And this week- after humbly serving in different roles in HR for the past 20 years, she was named Vice President of Human Resources at Comporium!!! Proud is an understatement. I’ve watched her whole career prepare her for this moment and it’s just so amazing to see her earn something so incredibly well deserved. I feel so blessed to have watched my mama demonstrate beautifully that you can have both a healthy family and a healthy career and days like today make me extra proud to be hers! Congrats, mama! I love you!


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(I wanted to save this company announcement so I’ll always have it to look at in years to come!)

Andrea Cooper Promoted to VP of Human Resources

We are pleased to announce that Andrea Cooper has been promoted to VP of Human Resources effective January 21, 2019, and in this capacity, she will continue to report to Jake Roberts, EVP – General Counsel. Andrea will be responsible for planning and overseeing all HR management functions, including but not limited to: employment, employee relations, compensation and benefits, employee development, training and communications, and other HR related activities. She will also work with Jake as a strategic partner to the Enterprise and provide advice to management concerning HR matters relating to organizational development, business growth, policies and procedures, etc.

Andrea joined Comporium in September 1999, as Training and Communications Coordinator, and in October 2002, she was promoted to Manager of Compensation and Benefits.  In March 2008, she was promoted to a Director in Human Resources with various areas of responsibility over the years.

Andrea’s many years of experience and array of HR knowledge will be a great asset in her new position.  Please join us in congratulating Andrea and supporting her in her new role.



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