Old Town Church Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe it has been 4 months since we began this journey of planting Old Town Church. It really has been a sweet time of growth and has brought about once again, my word of the year for 2019 – surrender. Surrendering what my experience of church has been before, what my thoughts may be about it moving forward and truly just leaning in to what the Lord has placed right in front of me – new community, new small group, new church schedule & rhythms, new opportunities to learn about His heart and mission for this sweet town we call home. It is all only beginning!

I love event planning and being a part of planning this time of fellowship for our church was a true gift. God gives us an opportunity every single day to submit our time, talents, and resources to Him…but how often I hoard them for myself or forget to thank my Maker for how he’s made me. This day was a sweet reminder of how I should posture my life every day. When we get to offer our God-given gifts straight back to Him and when He gives us the sweet privilege to see our gifts bless others – well, it doesn’t get much better.

That’s what this day was. Time to thank God for His provision. Time to sing His praises. Time to enjoy one another. Time to eat YUMMY food (that I had nothing to do with because preparing food is NOT my thing). But…that was the best part – each of us on the planning team knew what our gift was and brought it in fullness, yet with a willingness to fill in any gaps and help the other. It was the church in action. It came together seamlessly. Yes, we prepared and worked hard … but more than that, it was just the Lord’s hand – using what we bring Him and multiplying it. I’m just grateful. Thank you, Lord.



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