Caitlyn’s Baby Shower

I had the honor of hosting a baby shower along my mama and dear friend, Taylor, for our sweet Caitlyn Boland. The Lord brought Caitlyn into my life my freshmen year of college at Clemson (2011). We lived in the same residence hall and got placed in the same FCA Small group. It was a fast friendship off the bat and my life has never been the same since this sweet little red head entered it. We have shared in so many of life’s seasons together – all of college, our weddings, new jobs, and now babies!! The cherry on top is now Cait and her husband Drew live 6 minutes down the road from Luke & I AND our babies are due 6 weeks apart. I can’t wait to see where God takes us next with our little ones in tow!

We had a virtual/in-person hybrid shower so that Cait’s friends from Boston and out of town could join! The theme was “A little pumpkin is on the way!” It was the most perfect fall day. We enjoyed time hanging out and eating fall snacks, opening gifts, praying over Caitlyn, and taking pictures. It was truly a precious time.

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