The Farmhouse – Kitchen


Man oh man, was this kitchen a special place! And that is a lot coming from this girl (who does not like to cook…at all). Yes, it’s true…Luke cooks 99% of our meals (happily, I might add). I love to clean and don’t mind doing laundry, so it works out – not that we don’t of course help each other out or pick up the other’s task when one is too busy – it’s all about serving one another! But, we know what we like!


The kitchen was the first room you came into as you entered the house from the garage, so it was the place where I would almost always see Luke first when I would get home from work. The kitchen was where we hugged after a long day at work, chatted about our days, hosted friends, did school work, danced, made coffee, studied God’s word, and so much more. It was the most functional room for us, so spacious and I would say hands down, it was my favorite room in the house!


This kitchen is where I developed a love for flowers. It’s where Luke and I mapped out our first flower garden, where I cut and arranged what seems like thousands upon thousands of flowers for family, friends, events, and just us. There’s nothing like having fresh flowers in your house!

It’s where I unloaded all of our wedding gifts and carefully put each piece of my Kate Spade Wickford China in its rightful place. It’s where I baked Luke a red velvet cake (true act of love for me) for his 24th birthday. It’s where I developed a love for a good seasonal tablescape on the beautiful hand made table Luke built for me. 


Our kitchen decor was my favorite as well, because it was just so true to the style of the house. I don’t think I’ll ever decorate so “farmhousey” again … but it was perfect for this house, because…well, it actually was a farmhouse 🙂 The room was already painted green and because it was a rental, we didn’t want to repaint, so we just went with it and I grew to really love it. The patterned curtains from Pier One had touches of green that helped tie everything together.


Also, much of our kitchen decor…like the rest of our house, was really meaningful. Once again, being newly married meant lots of thoughtful wedding gifts and hand-me-downs, which carry the sweetest stories. The blue plate on our coffee nook was a wedding gift from my grandmother with mine and Luke’s names written into the tree as a way to remind us of the life we are growing together, rooted in Jesus. All of our personalized cutting boards were wedding gifts from sweet friends, as well as our displayed pitchers.


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