25 Facts on my 25th Birthday!

25 FUN FACTS on my 25th BIRTHDAY

  1. I got married on my birthday (seriously, best day EVER) and am celebrating turning 25 AND 2 precious years of marriage today!
  2. I am obsessed with twins and pray for identical twins regularly!
  3. Mornings are really hard for me, even if I get tons of sleep. They always have been. Every morning in elementary school, my dad carried me from my bed to the kitchen table, with my blanket still around me, put my breakfast in front of me and turned on Arthur so that I could have a good 20 minutes to “wake up.” #diva58953_429981371926_5429717_n
  4. I broke my arm when I was 7 from falling from the platform above my parent’s Jacuzzi tub. I was standing on the top, pretending it was a stage, singing/performing in front of the mirror, like my parents had told me not to do 50 million times.
  5. I went to the same private Christian school for 14 years and had a graduating class of 40.
  6. The only pet I had growing up was a guinea pig until my family got two puppies when I was 19. My best friend, Kendall bought me the guinea pig for my birthday and it was pregnant…one morning we woke up and there were two! At 25, I’m still not a huge fan of animals.
  7. To make the above a little less harsh, I have dealt with horrible eczema my whole life and am in hives 50% of the time regularly, 100% of the time with long haired animals. So when a special puppy does come into our lives, because Luke insists – it will have to be hypoallergenic. We’re currently OBSESSED with Sheepadoodles.
  8. My family calls me “Sissy” and it’s rare for my parents or brother to call me “Caroline,” even in public.
  9. I am Clemson Alumna and a tiger Through and through. I was a University Tour Guide in college and wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.11193290_10152718136611927_2998212255846105109_nClemson Graduation 2015 (140)
  10. Luke, my husband, is the only boyfriend I ever had (we started dating at 16) and the only guy I’ve ever kissed. IMG_4887
  11. I kept my middle and maiden name in addition to adding Hamilton when I got married, which is probably ridiculous but I loved them all and couldn’t choose.
  12. My dream car since forever is a Honda Pilot and I affectionately call all Honda Pilots “Pondas.” Since I started writing this post, we bought a Ponda!! *Pinch me*IMG_4970
  13. I sang my first solo at church at age 3 and it was “Silent Night.” I sang before I talked and to this day, singing brings me so much joy.
  14. My two favorite movies are “Remember the Titans” and “High School Musical 3.” They’re so similar, right??
  15. 99% of the time when I am getting excited to show a friend or my family a picture or video I’ve seen on social media, it’s of a baby. #babyobsessed #notpregnant
  16. Luke and I have a great desire to build our home and dream about it constantly. My parents built the two houses I lived in until age 20 and I’ve just always wanted to build over buy. But, we shall see!
  17. I have adored Shania Twain my whole life and saw her live in Vegas in 2014 and it was one of the happiest days of my lifeshania
  18. I have always been a homebody and while I love a good trip, I don’t necessarily love to travel.
  19. I rather read than watch a movie. Karen Kingsbury is my favorite author and I love all things science fiction.
  20. FLOWERS are a sure-fire way to make my heart swell. I LOVE THEM. We have fresh flowers in our house 99% of the time, I am learning to grow cut flowers, and I just think it is AMAZING how God makes them so diverse and beautiful and wonderful. Flowers have the ability to comfort people in times of joy and times of sorrow and that is so beautiful to me.
  21. If I could choose someone famous to meet right now (or a famous couple)…it would be Chip and Joanna. Luke and I love them all too much…and I know that’s the most basic thing…but it’s because they’re so stinkin wonderful.
  22. My parents are my absolute heroes. If I could successfully model my life after anyone (besides Jesus of course), it would be my precious Mama and Daddy.
  23. I HATE bugs, and I mean HATE. Within our first few weeks of marriage, Luke legitimately thought I was dying one time when I was vacuuming and a “huge” spider appeared. I screamed so loud he thought the vacuum had eaten me alive.
  24. When I was younger, I wanted to be a pastor when I grew up. I would take my music stand, pretend it was a pulpit and with the microphone from my karaoke machine, I would preach my parents full out sermons. I’m laughing at myself as I write this one.
  25. I’m addicted to Diet Coke. For better or for worse.

There ya go! I can’t believe I’m entering into the second half of my 20s! It feels like yesterday I turned 20 and celebrated by running the color run with my best friends and now I’m 25! 24 brought some of the toughest challenges my way, but it was such a rewarding and growth inducing year.  I truly cannot wait to see what year 25 holds because I have a feeling it’s going to be a really great year with Luke’s graduation around the corner and fresh opportunities coming our way! Praising Jesus for another birthday and for all He has done and continues to do in my life and for the blessing it is to know and serve Him. 

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