September + October 2018

I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by and how quickly you forget the hardships of the last season and move right in to adjusting to the next season. It’s truly the grace of God and I’m so grateful to Him for all He has taught me this year thus far. I fail multiple times daily in trusting Him for my every need, but I am learning day by day what it looks like to have JOY in the Lord and seeing every good gift He brings as “extra!” And we have really felt His “extra” lately. He’s so so good!  I feel like for the first time since moving back to Rock Hill from Clemson in May 2015 (so 3.5 years ago!), that this is our home.

Part of Luke and mine’s wedding vows are “Where you are, I will be – and that place will be our home.” We have absolutely been one another’s safe place the past few years and our faith has held us and our marriage strong in the midst of many unforseen circumstances and wondering if we would ever feel like we belong back in the town we grew up in. I think it simply takes TIME to build something new – a marriage, a career, a community, etc…and it feels like we’re turning a corner and I’m so grateful. I have cried out the Lord so many times over the last 3 years begging him to give us a sense of belonging, a purpose, a community and He truly has provided. Not in my timing and not in the picture perfect way I would have crafted myself (I’M A TOTAL ENNEAGRAM 1 IF YOU’RE WONDERING!), but in His sovereignty and His perfect timing.

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We love our church, we love our friends here, we love the ministry we get to be a part of, we love our jobs and we love where we see the Lord taking us and trust Him in the places that still feel unsure. I don’t want to paint a perfect picture, because it’s so far from that, but cultivating thankfulness in every season has been our aim and I truly feel the joy of the Lord’s presence where we are. I pray we continue to press into this season of growth and newness with thanksgiving in our hearts continually.

The past two months have been jam-packed.


Luke’s first full month of work! It is consulting work (which has been a little scary for us), but he’s getting better and better each week and we’re thankful for an opportunity that is really fresh and cutting-edge for his field (pharmacy) and providing us with a second income for the first time since we’ve been married (Hallelujah!!).

We said goodbye to two of our dearest friends as they do ministry in Kenya for the next two years. We already miss them so much, but we are BEYOND EXCITED for the work they are doing there and these two are absolutely chasing after what God has for them and IT’S BEAUTIFUL.


We had a date night in Charlotte – we ate dinner downtown and then saw the Lion King at the Blumenthal Theatre and were flat out AMAZED. Also, Luke got a new trendy haircut in Sept (as seen in these pics) that I LOVE. 😉

IMG_7195 (1)IMG_7199 (1)

We got to take June + Nora to church with us one Sunday and go out to lunch afterwards to celebrate their birthdays and we were laughing non stop the whole time. One of my favorite times with them ever!

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We jumped back into youth ministry and our small group and I just love the people the Lord has me surrounded with. My sweet 12th grade girls make me feel young/old (LOL) and I love their hearts for Jesus and their fun spirits and just their plain CUTENESS. I went to my first ever cross country meet to see one of them race and it was so dang exciting. I am going to miss them so much next year. Also, Luke taught our large group time at youth a few weeks ago and it was so out of his comfort zone, but he did so wonderful and I am such a proud wife! I love seeing him trusting God with things that make him uncomfortable and stepping out in faith.


We had a Clemson tailgate in the hospital with sweet Grandaddy!


I coordinated Katie + Tony’s wedding and still can’t get this beautiful arbor out of my mind!


Luke and I went with my parents to see Steven Curtis Chapman in Charlotte. SCC was my very first concert in the womb and out (LOL). My parents have followed him since the beginning! I have adored him all my life as well and this concert was unlike any other (and I’ve been to quite a few of his!) … it was a solo tour, just him and his guitar and he told his story throughout the night along with the songs and even took audience requests. It was AMAZING and he and his family are just the REAL DEAL. I love and admire their heart for the Lord and their ministry so so much. The Lord has used him to change my life in so many ways and I’m just so thankful.

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Our small group has two new couples and ONE NEW BABY. Our precious friends, Barrett and Emily had their first baby -Brynley in early October – and Luke and I are IN LOVE with this sweet baby girl. She is literally PERFECTION. (Yes, I have intense baby fever!) There’s nothing like seeing this little life that your two friends brought into the world — like how freaking special !!!


We spent the weekend in Charleston visiting our sweet friends Ben and Anna and got to attend my oldest friend’s wedding in downtown Charleston – it was such a special day!


We traveled to Clemson for homecoming weekend where we beat NC State big and had the BEST TIME with our best friends.


Ready to finish 2018 strong! 🙂

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