November 2018

November was such a FULL month and I wish I had taken more pictures! I am making a goal to get better about pictures in 2019!

The month began with Luke and I attending a Fall Retreat with our youth group at church. This is our third year leading high school girls / guys and I fall more in love with the students each year. They’re so fun and it’s always great to get away and connect with the Lord in a new place, free of distractions.

We rushed back from Fall Retreat just in time to make it to Luke’s parents church to see his mom be honored for her 40 years as the church pianist. It was the sweetest thing. The church made a picture slideshow of Shelley through the years with narration and it was just really special. Shelley then played a solo for the whole church and received a big ole standing ovation. Definitely a unforgettable moment for our family. She is SO GIFTED in playing the piano and it was beautiful to see her dedication to the Lord in her gift be honored.


Meanwhile, my parents were in Pittsburgh for the Steelers v. Panthers game as my Dad has wanted to see the Steeler’s at Heinz Field his whole life and my mom surprised him with a trip for their anniversary. She got to cross of a bucket list item back in August, so now it was Daddy’s turn. I guess I’m at the age where I’m just really sappy and thankful for my parent’s relationship and their commitment to doing new things together as empty nesters. I really just think they are the cutest and am so thankful for their example of unconditional love and commitment in marriage.


Thanksgiving came early with three Friendsgivings!! This is where I’m really sad I didn’t take any pics, but we were just really enjoying the moment, which is the point anyway! We’re so thankful for our friends, new and old, who we got to celebrate Thanksgiving with!

I then headed to a Bachelorette Party in the middle of the month for my dear friend, Christi, in Greenville and went from there to Clemson to spend the night and the next day with my bestie from college, Ashley. She bought a house and it was my first time staying in her and her roommate Laura’s sweet little abode. It is such a cozy and beautiful space and I was blessed by their hospitality.

We celebrated Thanksgiving day with both of our families and Luke’s extended family and were able to spend extra time with Luke’s grandaddy, who has not been doing well as of late. We treasure these moments with him and it was wonderful to all be together. Also, my brother, Clay, came home from DC and I hadn’t seen him since August so it was so amazing to have him close by and spend time with him.


If there was a theme to November it was friendship and it was just the best. Luke and I both got to catch up with friends who we haven’t seen in a while as well as invest in our friendships here in town. The cherry on top was on the way to the Clemson game on Thanksgiving weekend, we stopped in Chapin to see our best friends Caitlyn and Drew, who live in Boston but were home for Thanksgiving and then got to see so many dear friends at the Clemson game.  Thank you, Lord for your many blessings and for the gift of your Son!! So excited to celebrate Christmas and the advent season, my very favorite time of the year!!! xoxo.






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