March 2019

Our puppy was born on March 10th. 10 total in the litter and we had no idea how to decide, especially as first pick because all 10 sweet pups would be available!


We continued to settle very slowly but surely into our home. This was our living room situation for a month before our couch came in, it was hilarious and will be a fun memory.


It was crazy and stressful month filled with tax season, Luke getting acquainted to his new job, and a minor car accident.

We had D3 retreat weekend with our students at church and attended an adoption fundraiser in support of our friend Stevie and her job, both of which were highlights of the month!

We got plantation shutters installed in our bedroom, which was super exciting since we had been looking at presentation sized sticky notes on our windows for 6 weeks…LOL! The shutters make me so happy and are just so classic!


The most exciting thing in March was that we picked out our puppy at 3 weeks old on March 30th…her name will be Willow. We are so excited to bring her home on April 27th!  …and terrified too, let’s be honest! Let the adventure begin 🙂





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