Clarendon House: 3 Month Update

It has been three months since we moved into our new house and I still can’t believe it is ours!! There is still so so much to do but we really want to make sure we pace our design and decor around our life, our needs, and our budget instead of trying to fill up rooms for the sake of filling them up.

Our living room and dining room are starting to feel somewhat complete. We are waiting on a chair and coffee table for the living room and plan to put a simple gallery wall above the couch and then it will be pretty much done! We got our commissioned painting for our dining room this month and it makes us SO happy – it’s just perfect. I’m resisting the urge to fill blank wall space in the dining room because I really like the simplicity of the white walls. We need to get our dining room curtains hemmed, but both of these rooms are starting to feel more homey!

Our bedroom is also pretty much complete besides hanging a few things above one of our dressers and possibly getting a few accent pillows for the bed. We still don’t love our sliding closet doors, but that’s a battle for another day (or year! ha). Also, our screened in porch is coming along!! I just want to remember where we were at this point, so here’s a few pics!




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