May 2019

I think the whole world gets together and says, “Let’s make May the craziest month ever!” because truly – every year, no matter if you’re in school or not, young or old, May is always filled to the brim with events and there was no exception with us this year. It was a month full of so many amazing celebrations, but also very busy and my body and soul is just ready for a RESTFUL summer. Luke and I have been RUNNING since January with moving, tax season, his new job, weddings on weekends, new puppy, etc. and it is time to slow down for a bit 🙂

Here’s May in a nutshell – Hosted a baby shower with Hannah and Stevie to celebrate Mollie + baby Lucy. Went to Clemson to celebrate Tiffany and for Willow to meet her boyfriends Brewer and Gus. Coordinated three amazing weddings. Prayed through some big church decisions. Willow continued to rock our world and please please pray with us that she learns how to hold her bladder SOON. Celebrated my sweet Victoria’s graduation.



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