January 2020

Hello 2020!! The year is off to a grand start. January was packed with fun adventures, some down time, and lots of quality time with sweet friends!! I decided to take the month of January off of social media, particularly instagram, just to break some of my habitual scrolling and truly allow my mind to rest. It was wonderful and while I love it and will return, taking a break is what helps me approach it healthily and rightly. It was convicting to think of how much time I waste over doing it on those little apps and I very much did notice that I had extra time without my mind buzzing from too much information/stimulation. I spent more time this month reading (Just Mercy and You are the Girl for the Job), sleeping, organizing, praying, snuggling Willow and talking with Luke, etc. It was wonderful and I pray I take these habits into the rest of the year and continue to limit the amount of time I spend on my phone!

On January 2nd, I received a title change and raise at work and am so so thankful for God’s provision and the way He has grown me in my job and will continue to teach me about work. Luke had a couple of tough cards thrown at him during the month of January at his job and it has been really hard on him as he is very short-staffed. It’s difficult to watch your spouse be stressed and overwhelmed, but God is teaching us more and more how to depend on Him in our weakness. We have chosen to find a positive in his work day each day and progress is being made!

January Highlights: 

I loved celebrating my sweet friend, Jaimie’s, birthday with Amanda + Meghan @ Amelie’s. These three girls have been an indescribable gift of God’s grace to me.

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We coordinated Laddie + Benji’s Wedding on January 11th in Greenville and has so much fun celebrating them. We decided to make it into a little weekend getaway for us and we rented a really cute airbnb! We enjoyed talking through some planning for 2020, eating yummy food, and resting after the wedding. The highlight was eating brunch at Soby’s.


Meanwhile, all four of our parents were making the trip to NOLA to see our Tigers in the National Championship and sweet Willow was having the time of her life with her pals, the Cavins!

Laddie is one of my favorite artists and her art is all over our house! She surprised me with a painting at her wedding and I am IN LOVE. We found the perfect spot and I feel like it was literally made for our bathroom!

Luke painted our carport! It was old and had so many oil stains on it (see first pic), so we decided to paint it white and then took it a step further and decided to do stripes. Luke did an AMAZING job and worked his booty off to make it perfect, as he always does! I sure do love him! We rarely park in our carport, but we used carport paint so we can still park there when it’s raining – but I’m envisioning putting up string lights and it being an extension of our screened porch outdoor space for parties and such!

IMG_8629January 2020 (58)January 2020 (59)January 2020 (100)

We had a blast opening up our home to help host a baby shower for our dear friends, David and Ellen Platt!

January 2020 (73)January 2020 (75)January 2020 (101)

Other highlights (not pictured) – Spent quality time with Lindsey, Meghan, Jaimie, Amanda, Alli (CELEBRATING HER ENGAGEMENT!!!), Stevie, Juliana, and the Youngs! Got a massage and pedicure. Conquered a big fear at the doctor’s office. Started thinking about how to help mom decorate the front room in their house. Prepped for tax season at work. Had my final session with Tami and celebrated all the Lord did through her coaching in my life since July 2019! Had a date night with Luke to see Just Mercy at the movies and then went to Charlotte to buy Luke some jeans at bonobos with his Christmas money.

IMG_5587January 2020 (108)January 2020 (110)January 2020 (112)

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