Happy Birthday and 4th anniversary to me / me & Luke 🙂 Last year on my 26th birthday, I came up with this list of 30 things I’d like to do before I turn 30…so here’s what happened this year! I knocked 7 off the list, so if I knock 7 off each of the next 3 years, I’ll be at my goal, so I’m feeling it’s a good pace! Here’s to 27! 

30 BEFORE 30

  1. Schedule a make-up lesson! I have slowly been loving learning more about makeup more over the last year or so but still have no idea how to use bronzer without looking like an oompa loompa and have never mastered eyeliner. I’m very much a natural look kind of girl, but I would LOVE to have a private consultation with Lindsey Reagan Thorne. That is the dream!!
  2. Take a few voice lessons to increase my breath support and overall range.
  3. Learn how to curl my hair without having to look at a tutorial every single time / get a new curling iron! I got a new curling iron for Christmas that actually curls my hair for me, HA…so I guess that takes care of this one for now (2019)  
  4. Go to a women’s conference with girlfriends. I went to Dallas, Texas for the IF Gathering with 7 amazing ladies earlier this month! 
  5. Welcome a puppy into our family ...we got Willow in April 2019
  6. Buy a house – I started this post earlier this year and this just happened, so I am keeping in on the list and counting it as my first check-off 
  7. Go on a week-long big trip with Luke. We’ve done lots of small trips, but we never really got a honeymoon, so we need to prioritize our time and money to make this happen! Hopefully a few times over the next 4 years!!
  8. Knock out at least 60% of Luke’s pharmacy school debt
  9. Host a big Christmas party
  10. Have a baby 🙂
  11. Have my wedding dress cleaned / decide how I want to store it (embarrassed that this hasn’t happened yet).
  12. Pay off our Honda Pilot / save cash for our next car!
  13. Kick my diet coke addition – this does NOT mean I will give it up completely (I looooove it)…but I don’t want to be so dependent on it! I have already significantly decreased my intake this year!
  14. Read through the whole Bible in a year with Luke! We did this in 2019 and it was amazing! 
  15. Make our will (boring! But has to be done!)
  16. Send a friend flowers out of the blue
  17. Go to Texas to see Jamie Ivey and go to her Happy Hour Live Event
  18. Get my ears pierced (have twice before and both grew back, but I really hope 3rd time’s a charm!)  Got it done in February 2019 and holding strong!
  19. Go a whole weekend without my phone / unplug completely
  20. Take a family trip with Luke, my parents, my brother and anyone else who is in our immediate family at the time
  21. Learn how to use my DSLR camera! I want to take Courtney Malone’s photography course before I have a baby!
  22. See a new Broadway show
  23. Host Friendsgiving
  24. Be intentional to spend time with friends who are in a season ahead of me and learn from them! This isn’t a cross of the list and be done with it kind of item, but 2019 brought so many sweet opportunities to develop friendships with those a season ahead of me and I am already reaping the benefits of their company and wisdom. Such a blessing! 
  25. Swim with dolphins with Luke (one of my favorite things I’ve ever done and I so want to do it again and for Luke to experience it!)
  26. Master baking a dessert or dish. For example, Luke has mastered his own brownie recipe and people literally go crazy for them. I want to have a special dish that I can make and always go to! I dislike baking and cooking and am trying to change that a little bit!
  27. Record a song with Luke in a recording studio. This one is really fun and a little crazy! Luke can sing as well, but doesn’t like to in front of people. I would love for us to record a few of our favorite songs just for us to have and our kids to probably make fun of later.
  28. Go to New York City at Christmas Time!
  29. Read more books for fun – especially fiction
  30. Celebrate my 30th birthday with family and friends 🙂

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