I love birthdays!! Always have, always will!! February 27, 2020 was my Golden Birthday and as I thought about my birthday coming up earlier this year, I wanted to be intentional to celebrate all month long…and I don’t mean “oh, people, celebrate ME all month long!” but more like … “Lord, what are the things that make me feel alive? Who are the people you’ve placed so intentionally in my life? What are the blessings right in front of me you want me to acknowledge and cherish?” … celebrate those things!! So, that’s what I decided to do and I documented what I celebrated each day that ultimately lead me to praise God for the gift of LIFE. It turned out to be the sweetest little project 🙂



February 1 – I celebrated friendship by hosting a bridal shower for my lifelong best friend, Lauren. I was able to do it alongside my sweet mama, my bestie Kendall and her mama, Rhonda and it was just the sweetest day full of love, laughs, and memories. Thank you, Jesus for old friends!


February 2 – Celebrated community! We had church in the morning and small group in the evening and then stayed to hang out together and watch the Superbowl. I was just so in awe of how God has placed our small group together all night long – to listen, encourage, understand, point to truth, pray, cry, celebrate TOGETHER, etc. It’s truly a gift.

February 3 – It was a beautiful February Monday – the temperature got up to 70 degrees and it was so sunny.  I took time to walk around the fountain at lunch and feel the sun on my face and clear my head and pray.

February 4 – God met me in listening to Beth Moore on Annie F. Downs’ Podcast. They were talking about Beth’s new book Chasing Vines – which is all about abiding – which is my word for the year! It was really encouraging to my soul and so timely.

February 5 – Celebrated travel and fun opportunities with dear friends, new and old! Arrived in Texas with my mama, Lindsey, Amanda, Holly, Caitlyn, Susan, and Robin!

Dallas-If Gathering and Waco (4)

February 6 – Celebrated dreams coming true! Got to visit Waco, TX and do all things Magnolia with the most fun group of gals! Truly I’ll never forget this day full of so much beauty, fun, and LAUGHTER.

Dallas-If Gathering and Waco (24)

February 7 –  Celebrated a beautiful sunny Texas day, an afternoon walk in a new place with friends, and the start of the IF Gathering Conference. My favorite part of day one was the spoken word by Davy Flowers that ushered into the worship song “Tremble” and “What a Beautiful Name”  being lead in Spanish. Chills!!!!

Dallas-If Gathering and Waco (107)

February 8 – Celebrated more fun, laughter, friendship, food, and sweet Jesus at IF Gathering. I LOVED Jennie Allen’s message on fighting the war against our thoughts with the power of Jesus.

February 9 – Celebrated God’s faithfulness in each of the ladies lives on the trip and the gift it was to be able to experience such a fun and special weekend with my mama and dearest friends. Celebrating an amazing husband who welcomed me home to a clean house and a listening ear as I processed the weekend.

February 10 – Celebrated a productive day at work and a night at home to settle back into our routine and spend time with Luke. Luke and I had a wonderful conversation about some next steps the Lord placed on my heart while at the IF Gathering.

February 11 – Luke and I went on an early Valentines/House Anniversary date to the Pump House since he was scheduled to work on Friday but had Tuesday off. Honestly, to be real and to truly document what God is teaching me – I was not a very nice wife at the beginning of our date. I had been excited all day long for it, but when I got home, a series of things that didn’t meet me expectations happened, and I got angry. Anger is not an emotion I feel very often, but when I do, it really upsets me. I was being hard to deal with and Luke was so kind and gracious to me, which is ultimately what I am celebrating – a good husband who loves me like Jesus and graciously forgives me when my evil twin comes out. We ended up having a really nice time together at dinner and I tried a peach mule, which was probably the best mule I’ve ever tasted!

IMG_6331pump houseIMG_6332

February 12 – I came home on this day to find out Luke had been let go from his job. Every emotion in the book was experienced. Ultimately, he did absolutely nothing wrong and it’s a tough situation all around, but we know God is protecting him/us and has something better planned. Ultimately, today – I feel really sad and anxious and mad and a million other things – but because this is about celebrations – today I’m celebrating God’s goodness and love that is UNCHANGING and not surprised by these circumstances. I feel completely hopeless on my own, but know that because the Spirit of God lives inside of me, I have nothing to fear and a living hope. I am provided for. I am loved deeply.

February 13 – I am celebrating the love and support I received at work today from my precious coworkers, who are truly angels, when I had to share the news about Luke’s job. I am celebrating my job and how thankful I am for it. I am celebrating a fun dinner with Luke and Lindsey, where there was much laughter – a reminder that our hope is found in Jesus and not the momentary things of this world.


February 14 – Celebrating Valentines day/one year in our house!!! We went out to dinner earlier in the week for this and on actual valentines day, I worked a half day, had lunch with my mom, went home and took a good long nap, had a wonderful phone call with Caitlyn, went to dinner with Luke’s parents and came home to watch a movie. It was a sweet day.

February 15 – Celebrating quality time with my mama – we went shopping for a couch and chairs at Pottery Barn for their front room…had a fun phone call with Lindsey and Luke and I had dinner with the Armstrongs.

February 16 – Celebrating rest and community! I was able to sleep in AND take a nap which made me a very happy gal. I had lunch at Millstone with small group girls and then we had small group in the afternoon, where we started Acts.


February 17- Celebrating a sunny and productive Monday – my favorite kind!! I was able to catch up with Ashley on my lunch break and we have been playing phone tag for a month, so that was soo wonderful! Lindsey surprised me with a starbucks iced coffee in the afternoon since she was off for President’s day, and Alli surprised me with a visit, gift, and asking me to be her bridesmaid!!!


February 18 – Celebrating a successful meeting at work and a fun dinner with Laura Beth at Akahana in Baxter! We only see each other every couple of months, but oh how it brings me joy when we’re together!! Our time was so refreshing and she surprised me by treating me and telling the waiter it was my birthday, so we got free dessert (Tempura fried oreos with ice cream! Amazing!)


February 19 – Celebrating a productive day at work and the good feeling of Tax Season starting out well. Celebrating how fun it was to go over to the Bowman’s and hang out with Tracy and Juliana while doing watercolor. Celebrating sweet baby Charlotte Platt being born and the joy it is to see dear friends become parents (and she ended up wearing the outfit we gave her home from the hospital – she’s so perfect!)

IMG_6450Charlotte Platt-outfit we gave her

February 20 –  Celebrating SNOW! Just a tiny bit, but it was so beautiful to watch coming down. Celebrating my early birthday present from my parents (living room light fixture)  being installed by my handy hubs! Celebrating Luke having a good interview with a pharmacy today – though it may only be part time, trusting God is providing for us and will open up a full time position somewhere in His perfect timing. Watched this new video from the Bible Project and LOVED it!

IMG_6460february house (6)

February 21 – Celebrating God’s provision and just feeling so loved and cared for. I had a cut/color scheduled and had really been looking forward to it…when I got there, there was a sweet note from my mom and she had paid for it all. Cue tears. My boss also surprised me with an early birthday gift.


February 22 – Celebrating our 4th anniversary a little early with a night in uptown CLT! We stayed at the Kimpton and went to Southbound with Chris and Amanda and then the Lauren Daigle concert. It was AMAZING. The Cassidys treated us to dinner and just bless us so much.

4 year anniversary (1)4 year anniversary (5)4 year anniversary (8)4 year anniversary (12)4 year anniversary (15)

February 23 – We continued the anniversary celebrations by sleeping in and having brunch at Tupelo Honey (yum!). We headed home and rested some more before going bowling with our Equip group.

February 24 – Celebrated the small things that make life beautiful, like sending mail to a friend, snuggling with Luke and Willow, and enjoying the camelia bush outside my window at work!


February 25 – Celebrated Luke’s second day at his new part-time job and had an impromptu dinner date with my mama at Nishie G’s.

February 26 – Celebrated by going on a walk, eating some delicious chicken that Luke grilled along with some sweet potatoes and brocolli and started watching the Netflix show “Love is Blind” with Luke…LOL!

February 27 – Celebrated MY GOLDEN BIRTHDAY and 4th anniversary!! It was such a sweet day – really cold, but beautiful and sunny and filled with so many messages from loved ones, which always makes me happy!

I started off the day by getting my starbucks birthday reward redeemed for a venti iced caramel machiatto! I brought in a breakfast casserole in for my coworkers to enjoy with me (that Luke made – and it was DELICIOUS) and then my mom surprised me by popping in to give me the cutest card and to bring us all a plate full of nobake cookies on the “You are Special” plate!

I went to lunch with Jaimie and Amanda at The White Horse and they each brought me the sweetest gifts that made me feel so known and loved. Jaimie got me adorable tortoise earrings and a beautiful picture frame. Amanda got me glass bottle diet cokes, some bath salts and a wonderful beeswax candle! She also brought bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes for us to enjoy and I can’t ever get enough of the lemon flavor! By this point,  I was beyond sugar overload…but I mean that’s what birthdays are for!

My brother also surprised me by sending me $15 on venmo for a birthday treat, which was so kind!


I came home to some more beautiful cards and an amazing cookie cake from Publix! Luke and I took some pictures together and then headed to dinner at Brixx in Kingsley and has some yummy pizza. When we got back, I opened up my cards as well as my gift from Caitlyn – which was so perfect – some Bible highlighters, Gracelaced cards, a notepad, and a Hymns study from dailygraceco.


I then took a bath with a glass of wine, got into some cozy PJs, enjoyed a fire that Luke had made, and then watched This is Us while eating my cookie cake. It was seriously a very chill and wonderful day, FILLED with so many things and people I love. Thank you, Jesus!


February 28 – Celebrated my birthday with my parents! They took us to Garden Cafe in York and then came over for some cake!

February 29 – Celebrated having a whole extra day on my favorite month! Celebrated my birthday with Lindsey by having lunch at chili’s and devouring some guacamole! She got me two cute candles and a giftcard to Target and the Mercantile – she knows the way to my heart! When I got home, Luke and I went for a short walk with Willow! I can’t help but mention that although I did not take place in February, March 1st (Sunday), we went to lunch with the Stones, Adams, and Baxters at El Tapatio and had the best belated birthday time!! Stevie gave me a starbs giftcard and the Adams’ bought our lunch – so much kindness!!!


Thank you, Jesus for February 2020. Full of so much joy and some sadness too, but you were in every single moment and I’m so grateful to be on this adventure with You. I pray 27 / year 5 brings a whole lot of faithfulness in my own life…and hoping for lots of time with people I love, lots of singing, Luke finding a job he LOVES, and maybe just maybe a baby in the belly. We shall see 🙂

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