Sitting Room Design Thoughts

#Quarantine2020 has been full of house projects (low cost) and dreams about bigger projects for later this year (*hopefully*).

At some point during 2020, Luke and I hope to furnish out sitting room, which is the room connected to our kitchen that has a wood-burning fireplace! The fireplace was a reddish brick that we painted Sherwin Williams Peppercorn and we are planning to paint the back of the built-in shelves peppercorn as well. I want the room to be minimally furnished, but cozy so that there is still room to breathe, walk easily, and room for (hopefully, one day!) kiddos to play.

Since we bought it, it has been a large open space, which has actually been nice while house training Willow and throwing showers, etc. But now I am getting a little antsy about getting it furnished. I know that it’s better to go slow and figure out what you really want than just rushing to get something “together”…so overall I’m grateful we’ve had the time to really think about how we want this room to function.

I have sort of dreamed up the room around the Article Sven Leather loveseat and can’t wait to order it this summer! This is the moodboard that I created to help me figure out what will work in this space!


Right now, I’m thinking the leather loveseat and gray chair will be our main furnishings with a pouf or two and a few multifunctional stools (can work as side table or sitting place) around. I am loving this creamy woven rug from the Hearth and Hand line at Target and want to make sure our rug is a light neutral that pops against our dark floors.  I am bringing in some grays and blues with the denim pillow, blueish pouf, and shelf decor. I hope to get some lighter colored woven shades, cover Willow’s crate in the beige striped fabric, and replace our ceiling fan with a semi-flush mount.

This is what this room looked like before and after the contractor who bought the house remodeled:


This is what it looked like after the remodel, but before we moved in ….


This is what it looked like for the first 6 months after we bought it while I was trying to figure out if I liked the brick or not…


This is what it looks like now…


Luke is going to work on painting the back shelves this week and I’m excited to see how this room comes to life over the next 6 months!

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