April 2020

April was the first FULL month of quarantine due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). It consisted of working remotely, church via zoom, no restaurants, limited contact with other people in person, having to wear a mask to the grocery store, etc. Crazy crazy times! But there such has been a lot of silver lining! Slower days, quality time, online connection (TONS of Marco Polo haha), online church and game nights, increased dependence and trust in the Lord, etc.

We had a fun game night playing Codenames over Zoom with the Nesters + Bolands. We had small group, church, and even Easter Sunday over zoom. This Easter Sunday was unprecedented for sure in the ways we celebrated, but it was so sweet. We got to see my parents and Clay and Riley and eat good food and rest and just soak in the beautiful and freeing truth that Jesus conquered the grave so we could be made right with God! Hallelujah!!



We celebrated Lindsey moving into her sweet new home.


The day before Luke’s birthday was a tough one – Willow was super sick and pooped all over my parent’s brand new rug, then later that day a Dr. Pepper fell out of the fridge and spewed on literally EVERY INCH of our kitchen and dining room (took over an hour to clean up) and then I shattered the back of my phone – it was A DAY.

We celebrated Luke’s 28th birthday with a fun day at home (including cinnamon rolls, FUJI Japan Takeout, and chickfila) with a surprise coffee drop off from Amanda, a facetime with David, Ellen, and Charlotte and more.


We did lots of yard work, painted the sitting room shelves, painted the closet doors and hardware, and Luke played around with his table saw.




Willow got ALLLL the play time and snuggles and she is not going to know what to do when it’s time for me to go back to work in the office and Luke working full time!


We watched The Sound of Music (me, for the first time) and LOVED it.

We ate way too many chocolate chip cookies (and I even made them from scratch!)

I went on so many walks and sent so many marco polos.

I rollerbladed. And fell on my bum. And hurt my shoulder. But worth it.

We helped my parents repurpose one of their rooms into a guest bedroom


We fell asleep many a night to Christy Nockels’ lullaby album (Willow loves it, it’s the cutest thing).

We sat in a closet through a Tornado warning šŸ™ Thankfully, no damage done!


We had porch pics taken by the lovely Meghan Cavin.

We got some super exciting news (x2) from some of our best friends that I can’t share yet…but it was a month-maker!


Come on, May! Praying you are a month of EATING OUT AT A RESTAURANT and SEEING (!!!) LOTS OF FRIENDS!


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