First Trimester Recap

Now that we are at the end of our 1st trimester and all our people know the news, I thought it would be fun to post a first trimester recap, so I can remember and share with baby someday!

We found out we were pregnant on Mother’s dayand I was exactly 5 weeks – so very early! Even so, we immediately told our parents, because it was Mother’s Day (and we couldn’t pass that up!) but we slowly told others over the next two months, which was so fun. And such a gift on the days where I felt horrible.

At about 6 weeks on the dot, I started to feel some definite pregnancy symptoms. Not throwing up, but just constant all-day nausea and a general uneasiness in my stomach. I wasn’t hungry very often and not much at all sounded appetizing. I also started feeling really tired, like once I was on the couch, I felt like I couldn’t move. The sickness and fatigue both got worse as the days went on (started throwing up at week 9). Nausea, vomiting, metallic taste in mouth, acne, dry skin, fatigue, bloating, etc – about every first trimester symptom in the book! There were many days where I didn’t get any relief all day, but I knew ultimately that the baby was thriving and that it would eventually pass, which helped “some” – but when you’re in the thick of it, you just want it to be OVER.

I definitely have also struggled with feeling sad in general during this time – which can sound crazy because obviously we are over the moon about this baby – but I have felt so emotionally and physically drained. Luke is still looking for a full time job, and with COVID and working from home // lacking my normal rhythm, it’s just been hard. But, we know we are so blessed and the Lord is near. I cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am for Luke. He has taken care of me so faithfully and I have been less that lovely to deal with at times!! I am learning so much about God’s strength in my weakness and lessened capacity for well…everything. Our friends and family have also been so encouraging and helpful and I’m extra thankful our baby will grow up close to both sets of grandparents!

Foods that I could stomach (sometimes): 
-Ginger ale
-Rice Krispie Treats
-Chickfila hasbrowns
-Half and half tea
-QT ice cream cones
-Muffins, Bagels
-Panera French Baguette
-Anything cold and fresh – like applesauce, crisp cucumber with salt and ranch (which was my favorite snack my Nanny would make me growing up), most fruit (especially apples and watermelon), banana popsicles!

Foods aversions:
-Most warm things (I ate soup a few times, but other than that – I wanted all cold/fresh)
-MEAT! Was pretty much a vegetarian for 6 weeks
-most vegetables
-Pretty much anything not listed above – it was a VERY limited diet for a while there…

First Trimester Highlights:

My first three prenatal appointments
–My very first was at 7 weeks! It was the not so fun appt with the pelvic exam and bloodwork, but it felt good to hear them confirm the pregnancy. It’s like YOU KNOW you are, but something about the doctor saying you are too makes it feel a lot more real. Cindy took my blood and I want to remember that because she was an angel.
–My second appt was at 9 weeks and when I had my first ultrasound. I was told the day before that Luke could not come with me, but once I got to the appt and started talking with the nurse, she told me they had JUST changed the visitor policy and that Luke could come. I called him and he was able to get there in time! It was not a comfortable experience (the ultrasound, that is!) but it was sweet for Luke to be there and for us to see that the baby is doing great (heartbeat was 162 bpm) and that there is ONLY ONE in there haha. I was measuring 8 wks 2 days instead of 9 wks 2 days – but my doctor decided to keep with 9 weeks 2 days and keep by due date at Jan 11.
–My third appt was at 13 weeks and Dr. Barkley said I was officially graduating into the second trimester – ha – so with that we are praying for all of these awful 1st tri symptoms to fade very soon! I have not gained any weight yet … have actually lost a few pounds since getting pregnant, which is not surprising with how little I’ve been able to eat…but thankfully, that is normal. I  got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time (152bpm) and that was a crazy cool experience. I was able to record it to send to Luke! But, it looks like he will now be able to attend future appointments with me, so that’s good!

^^heartbeat audio 

–My due date being January 11th, my Nanny’s birthday – I know it’s unlikely the baby will come on the due date, but this is still the sweetest God-wink

-Sharing news with family and friends! Some were very perceptive and had an inkling since I hadn’t been feeling well, but others were completely surprised. All of the sharing was SO fun. It was especially fun to tell our best friends, Caitlyn and Drew, who are also pregnant (6 weeks ahead of us) – who just moved to Rock Hill!

-A trip to Murrells Inlet at 8 weeks. It was exactly what we needed – a change of scenery, some salt air and sunny days. It had rained SO much for weeks prior in Rock Hill and I had been feeling terrible, so it was wonderful to get out of town.

-Dreaming about when the baby comes and the nursery, etc. … scored an awesome dresser at PB outlet and have ordered some fun things like a mobile and some polka dot wall decals for the wall behind the crib – excited for my gender neutral, yet colorful nursery dreams to come true!

-Willow is definitely aware that something is different about me. She sleeps beside me during the day and knows when I am feeling my worst…she lays her head on my belly and sighs … she’s just been extra precious and always brings a smile to my face (or tears to my eyes – no shortage of emotions these days)!

-Started working completely from home for the time-being (due to corona), but really thankful for how the Lord is already working the details out of giving me some more flexibility in my work as I prepare to be a mama…and for me being near my own toilet.

-Started browsing for our registry 🙂

-Ordered some little baby things here and there, like beauty counter diaper rash cream, a Promptly journal, some neutral onesies from Old Navy, and some cute pacifiers from Amazon. These little purchases helped it feel a little more real and fun to me when I felt so bad.

-Sweet and timely gifts from friends, my mama, etc. that really made me feel so loved during a hard 1st trimester



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