Second Trimester Recap

13 – 18 week entry –> I feel like my bump started to make a tiny appearance around 13 weeks 5 days. We announced that we were pregnant on social media at 15 weeks, which was really fun! I was hoping and praying for my sickness to let up in the 2nd trimester, but as of 18 weeks, I’m still very nauseous and generally just do not feel well most days. I continued to throw up most days through week 17, but finally got some zofran and that is helping.

I am still very tired most days and this baby requires lots of rest / punishes me if I over do it haha. I am learning soooo much about my limitations. I had a bit of a runny nose on weeks 14 and 15, but that has subsided. My skin, especially the skin around my eyes, has been SO dry since the very beginning and no matter what I do, is not getting better. The HORRIBLE metallic taste in my mouth started to subside around week 16, praise the Lord! I still chew like 6 pieces of gum a day to keep it at bay, but it’s so much better than it was.

I still have hardly any energy to exercise and this heat has been killer, but I am hoping that as we transition into fall and as I progress in pregnancy, I will start to enjoy myself and be able to get out and walk. So far, I can honestly say, pregnancy has mostly not been fun. I’m learning to be okay with that – and that just because this is really hard doesn’t mean I’m not so so thankful to the Lord for blessing us with this child. I truly cannot wait to meet this baby. We will have our anatomy scan soon and I’m excited to SEE the baby! I haven’t had an appointment since 13 weeks when I heard the heartbeat.Thankfully, Luke will be able to go to my anatomy scan with me.

We have started to try and find a paint color for an accent wall in the nursery. It has been quite the challenge since we are choosing to not find out the gender, but I’m excited to hopefully land on something that inspires me soon! I’ve ordered the crib and glider! I have not felt the baby yet. I am mostly wearing stretchy shorts, athletic shorts, leggings, and t-shirt dresses. Thankful I don’t have to buy work clothes right now.

13 week bump – 


16 week bump: 


Some of my “it’s the 11th” gifts from my sweet mama – she gives me a gift every month on the 11th since my due date is January 11th! 


19 week bump:

19 week – 24 week entry: Thankfully the zofran continues to help me keep nausea and vomiting at bay. I haven’t thrown up in over 2 weeks, thank the Lord! I have a little bit more energy too. Nothing super crazy, but definitely don’t need two naps a day like before, ha!

We had our anatomy ultrasound at 19 weeks 5 days! It was SO wonderful to be able to see the baby. Our ultrasound tech, Laura, was so wonderful and she has been at the practice so long that she actually did my mom’s ultrasound with me over 27 years ago. How crazy is that. She was so encouraging and made it fun for us to watch the baby moving around. We even saw the baby sucking its thumb at one point. We looked away when she determined the gender and so no one knows the gender except for her … not even our doctor! Dr. Barkley is thrilled that we are going to be surprised.

I was informed that I have an anterior placenta, which is perfectly normal, but means I won’t be able to feel the baby kick until closer to 25 weeks. I’m typing this at 21 weeks and have yet to feel the baby, but am encouraged that I don’t need to worry. I can’t wait to feel a kick, though!! My skin continues to stay really dry 🙁 … I am still not showing a lot and have gained about 4 pounds – but the belly is starting taking some shape this week! I am not wearing maternity clothes yet but definitely would be if I had to go into the office right now. But for now, stretchy leggings and athletic shorts have been my go-to!

When I really think about it, it honestly makes me sad that my coworkers haven’t really gotten to be in the day to day journey of this pregnancy with me. It’s weird to think that the entirety of my pregnancy will take place working remote. I’m so so thankful for Caitlyn being here in Rock Hill now and for her experiencing this season alongside me. It’s truly been a gift. We took our first classes (virtually) through the hospital with Caitlyn and Drew during week 21 (Prepared Parent Childbirth) – it was two nights of 3.5 hours and our instructor, Diane, was awesome! She made a super long class very enjoyable.

Over Labor Day, we got a lot of work on the nursery done!

I had another prenatal appointment on September 21st for 24 weeks – heartbeat was 152 and strong! Still have not felt baby but I could see the baby moving in my stomach while they listened for the heartbeat – the nurse said the baby probably was trying to squirm away. It was wild. I’m measuring perfect for 24 weeks and very thankful that baby is growing just like they should.

22 week bump:

On Thursday night, September 24th, at 11:56 PM, we felt the baby kick for the first time!! Surprisingly, Luke and I were both awake and had been talking and laughing and I guess we woke the baby up because I felt a really strong kick. It startled me because of course I wasn’t expecting it and then it happened again! I said “Luke! oh my gosh! I just felt the baby kick!” … then Luke was able to feel the kicks and then baby continued to kick and move around for 2 hours! (eye roll…I needed my sleep)! It really was the strangest sensation and honestly feels like what it is – a tiny human poking around inside of you!

We took baby to their first wedding – sweet Alli + Andrew’s!

24 weeks 5 day BUMP:

27 weeks — Enjoyed a quick and simple babymoon getaway to Whispering Willows. We enjoyed dreaming about baby, having time to pray and journal and REST and get a couples massage and eat good food. Truly a sweet sweet time together.

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