Surprise Work Baby Shower

On Wednesday, October 21, I thought I was just going to the office to have an outside lunch with my coworkers, but instead I showed up to a surprise baby shower for me and baby Ham!! All 6 of us have not been together in person since March, so I was already looking forward to just being together, but this little party took me by surprise and was just the sweetest event! We enjoyed honey baked ham boxed lunches, bundtinis, and cheese rings! The decorations were precious and perfect. They invited my sweet mama and we all just chatted and caught up. They gave me our highchair, which I am so excited about, and then had a basket FULL of goodies for the baby like lotion, pacis, socks, onesies, boogie wipes, a sweet book, and a Target giftcard. My mama got me a massage giftcard for a prenatal massage! The gifts were so perfect and needed, but the sentiment and time spent together, as well as their wonderful mama advice was the best part – and reminded me of just how blessed I am to work with these beautiful ladies!

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