“Oh Baby” Brunch Baby Shower

On November 7th, five of my sweet friends (Lindsey, Caitlyn, Amanda, Meagan, and Jaimie) hosted a baby shower for me at my parent’s house and it was truly perfect. I felt so honored and every detail was thoughtful and beautiful. The decorations were gorgeous, the food so delicious, and the time spent with sweet friends unforgettable. They had a Bible for baby Hamilton for guests to highlight verses, blue and pink bows for people to choose from to guess the gender of the baby (girl won!) and little onesie shaped sheets to fill out with baby predictions and advice. Baby Hamilton and I were blessed with so many fun gifts and books and then the best part was the time these ladies spent praying over Luke, baby Hamilton and I. My sweet mama, especially, prayed such a beautiful and heart felt prayer over me and that is a memory I will always treasure in my heart. It was the BEST day and I’m so very thankful!!

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