October 2020

October was such a FULL AND FUN month! It is usually one of my favorite months as Fall really arrives, the leaves start to change, and everything just feels fresh and crisp!

The month started off with celebrating Caitlyn and baby Boland! My mom, Taylor, and I hosted a shower at our house and it was the sweetest time. The Nesters stayed with us for the weekend, which made it extra special!

We had our once a month OTC Live Worship service at Manchester Meadows and it was wonderful to be in person with the church body.

Then Luke and I got away for an early Babymoon in Ridgeway at Whispering Willows, our favorite little bed and breakfast tucked in the middle of the woods. We enjoyed the Melting Pot, had couples massages, rested a lot, laughed together, talked and dreamed and baby, etc. It was so good for both of us!

We took Labor Support and Taking Care of Baby/Infant CPR virtual classes through the hospital and then Caitlyn and I took Transition to Motherhood. I’ve honestly thought the classes our hospital have offered have been really helpful!

Luke is volunteering with OTC Students and really enjoying it. He continues to work at Yorkville part time and for DHEC part time. He had a meeting with Providence Care this month. We continue to pray for the Lord to provide the right job for Luke and for our family and trust Him to provide, as He always has. This isn’t always easy.

I had a lot of sweet quality time with friends this month. I had lunch with Meghan, got to walk the greenway with Amanda during one of Ethan’s football practices, stopped by during my lunch one day to hang out with Jaimie and baby Waylon, lunch with Emily K., lunch wth Victoria B., walking and dinner with Lindsey, and Luke and I got to visit the Youngs and their new baby TWINS! Our sweet neighbors, Bill and Earle also paid us a visit and Earle and Willow together about melted my heart!

We got a lot of house things done this month! Luke worked on reversing our screened in porch door to make it safer, we got the yard aerated/seeded, we finally got a loveseat for our sitting room after 20 months of living in our home and it’s been so so nice to be a step closer to having our house furnished! The painting of Willow came in for the nursery (more pics of that later!) and we did some organizing of clothes and drawers, which makes me happier than most I’m sure.

I attended another one of Caitlyn’s showers in Spartanburg, which was really special to be a part of.

We met with WCCS to discuss daycare (where I went to school!! Praying the Lord provides a spot there for our little baby). We watched a lot of Clemson football and Braves baseball. I had and passed my glucose test! I entered the 3rd trimester! My work surprised me with the most precious outdoor baby shower!

We voted early! Sweet Luke stood in line for me for most of it, because this pregnant lady could just not do it. We celebrated Halloween in our neighborhood for the first time and met some new neighbors.

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