Yay for Organization!

We finally decided to invest in getting a closet system put in our master closets as well as our pantry! We used Closet Pro, based in Anderson, SC and HIGHLY recommend them. They were amazing to work with. Their owner, Jeff, came to our house to help us think through what would work best for us and then his awesome design team helped us iron out the details. Jeff’s son was the one who installed everything and by himself, he did an amazing job. Just a great family owned and run business that I would use again in a heart beat! And very reasonable, especially compared to other quotes and online browsing (even Ikea)!


Before, all I had on my side was one 50 year old rod that shed paint on my clothes and one shelf at the top that was way too low and had tons of depth, but if I put something back there, I wouldn’t be able to see it or get it. I tried so many different organizational type things over the past 2.5 years trying to tide us over to when we could get this done, but nothing was functioning well. One of the most annoying things to me was that my longer dresses weren’t able to drape all the way down because they would hit my make-shift storage. Luke’s side wasn’t too bad, but needed new rods, so he got those and more ADJUSTABLE shoe storage! All of our systems are adjustable, which makes everything feel even more customized!



SUCH a difference!!! I could not believe that I was able to fit everything I had in my closet and MORE back into the new system with such FUNCTION!! I was worried because I gave up a good bit of hanging room to have space for my shoes and sweaters, but it was so worth it AND my clothes still fit because the hangers can sit more closely on the new rods. Closet Pro redesigned my closet several times so that I would be happy with it for my exact needs and I couldn’t be more thankful! I reduced the width on my rods, drawers and sweater boxes last minute to add in the adjustable shoe storage and I’m SO glad I did!!! They worked with me to get the exact height measurements I would need for a rod for shirts, a rod for dresses and tunics and a rod for my maxi dresses. Nothing rests on the floor anymore and I can see everything! It is a DREAM come true for this type A lady!

Jeff talked us in to doing the pantry and I’m also so glad we agreed to it! I didn’t realize how DARK our pantry was before until the white adjustable shelving was put in. We lost a little bit of depth on the shelves, but not enough to mess anything up. Once again, we can see everything and everything has a spot! Game-changer! And if our needs change later, we can easily change the shelving up. I love the baskets and I’m sure Anna Stephens will love having her snacks in them in the future for her to easily grab!

Honestly, this is at the TOP of my list for favorite home improvements we’ve done. It was worth saving up for, especially as we plan on being in the house for a very long while!

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