Anna Stephens’ Christmas Decor

I cannot believe we are celebrating our first Christmas with our daughter! This time last year, I was very pregnant and wondering when he or she was going to come and now we have our Anna Stephens, who is almost a year old! I couldn’t have dreamed up a more precious baby and seeing her take in the wonder of Christmas for the first time is a whole new level of sweet!

I had so much fun decorating her nursery for Christmas. I had been collecting a few things throughout the year and decked her room out with her very own ombre pink Christmas tree, a Little People nativity and pretty much any little pink tree I come across 🙂 I would pick up girly, soft ornaments as I saw them, but I can’t wait for her to choose a new ornament for her tree each year, as she grows. Some of my favorite Christmas memories as a child include the soft glow of my room with Christmas lights and my little tabletop tree. It was such a treat to have my own decorations and I hope Anna Stephens loves decorating her room for Christmas in the

Also, Luke grew up with a Christmas shower curtain in his bathroom and insisted we do the same for Anna Stephens! I was a little hesitant, but we ended up finding the cutest shower curtain and rug that brighten up the bathroom! We’ve gotten so many compliments so I’m thinking it’s a win, ha!

She absolutely loves to watch her Christmas tree light up, to play with her nativity, and to sit and play with her ornaments. We have enjoyed singing Christmas hymns and reading Christmas books at bedtime. I know she doesn’t understand now, but we are telling her all about how Jesus came as a baby to be our Savior – the Light of the World! I’m excited for Luke and I to create new traditions with her that ultimately point her to the reason we celebrate!

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