Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is still a month away, but let’s chat Easter baskets, because this mama likes to plan ahead!

As this is just Anna Stephens’ second Easter, I do not claim to be an expert on any of this, but thought I’d share a few thoughts …

I don’t really remember having an Easter basket growing up, except for maybe a few times. It definitely wasn’t a huge deal or expectation that my brother and I would receive gifts on Easter, but it was always a special day of celebrating the Resurrection. I do not think Easter baskets are a “must” by any stretch. I firmly believe each family should choose the traditions and activities that are best for them and accomplish their family goals, because we all are gifted differently and you operating within your capacity, limits and giftedness is what is going to bless your family more than doing something just because you think you have to. Easter baskets are TOTALLY up my alley, personality wise – but ask me to do a craft or cook a special dessert and I’m going to gladly tap out LOL. All of this to say, we’ve landed on doing Easter baskets as an exciting and thoughtful way to celebrate the absolutely life changing truth that Jesus conquered death FOR US so that we could be reconciled to God!!

Easter is without a doubt the most important day in our faith – everything would fall apart without the truth of the resurrection, and I pray Anna Stephens comes to know and understand for herself that JESUS IS LIFE. Of course at 15 months old, that is going to look much different than it will in the future. But, the intention is that this tradition will grow with her as she grows and that the simple but purposeful gifts in her basket will point her to the ultimate gift of salvation purchased for us by Jesus. Any small tradition that can help ground my child in the truth of the gospel, is a demonstration of love and gets them excited about Jesus, I am ALL ABOUT.

I have so enjoyed reading Emily’s blog over the years and she shares a great model for what to put in an Easter basket that I think helps give direction and a special purpose to the basket and I absolutely love that these ideas can grow with your child! Of course, everyone can make this unique for their own children, but here are the main components…

  1. A Book
  2. Pajamas
  3. A Bathingsuit
  4. A summer sun hat or accessory (sunglasses, towel, etc.).
  5. Summer shoes
  6. A toy or activity
  7. A special snack
  8. Something else that delights them – whether a clothing item, stuffed animal, toy car, another book – whatever they are really into in that season!

I love that most of these items are what I would want or need to buy Anna Stephens anyway with Spring and Summer on the way, but it gives it special purpose and makes it extra fun to have it all together and tailored for her on Easter! I try to think about these items earlier in the year, so I can grab them as I see them in the store (bonus if its a local shop!) or online and spread out the cost as well. I also love the idea of tucking older things in the basket too – for example, Anna Stephens has a jellycat stuffed bunny that I’ll stick in there just because it’s Easter and you can do this with any of your child’s favorite toys or maybe stuff they’ve been given that you’ve been waiting for the right occasion to pull out and let them use.

So, let’s talk about some fun items for the basket!

First, you need a basket! There are tons of options at Target, on Etsy, really anywhere you go right now – but any basket will do! My friend, Emma, who runs LittleAbnerCo makes precious Easter baskets and Easter bows. Follow her for year round embroidered cuteness!

Basket Options:
Robe Basket with Bunny Ears
White Basket with Rainbow Handles
White Wire Basket

Anna Stephens’ 2022 Easter Basket:
Holy Week Baby Believer Book 
Honest Co. Pajamas
Cat & Jack Bathingsuit
Bubble Machine
Towel Robe – Sold out @ PB Kids but THIS ONE is similar and SO Cute 
Annie’s Animal Crackers and Strawberry Applesauce Pouches
Sun-Sans Sandals
Bunny Ears
Plastic Easter eggs
Jellycat Bunny  

Easter Book Ideas: 
Found – on Psalm 23 
Loved – The Lord’s Prayer 
Near – On Psalm 139 
First Bible Basics (A Counting Primer)
Our God (A Shapes Primer)
Psalms of Praise (A Movement Primer)
Jesus Heals (An Anatomy Primer)
We Believe (An Alphabet Primer)
From Eden to Bethlehem (An Animals Primer)
Let There Be Light (An Opposites Primer) 
The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross 
The Three Trees
Llama Easter Egg
Little Blue Truck’s Springtime
Pop Up Peekaboo Farm

& More Ideas … 

Shoes – Natives, Similar to Natives on Amazon, Old Navy Sandal, Gold Sandals from Target

Summers Accessories – sun hat, towels, sunglasses

My Favorite pajamas brands – Honest Co., Burt’s Bees, Little Sleepies, this amazon brand, Old Navy

My favorite swimsuit brands – Ruffle Butts (this suit is PRECIOUS!), Cat & Jack, Smocked Auctions, Rufflebutts 

Daily Grace Co. – Scripture Cards, Kids’ Books, etc. 

Easter Coloring Book

Egg shaped chalk

Chalk for toddlers

Crayons for toddlers 

Holy City Bows

Cute carrot teether for baby

Any resource that Risen Motherhood recommends! 

Happy Shopping! 🙂 I would love to know if you do Easter Baskets and if so, what you put in them! OR what other traditions do you do with your family to celebrate Easter? 

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