Beautycounter Consultant FAQ

When I signed up to be a Beautycounter consultant, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I loved the products I had tried on my sensitive skin and figured it was worth giving the business side a shot.  I’ve always loved trying different skincare so the fact that I could learn more about skincare and get paid while doing it just made sense to me! When I began to truly grasp the mission for safer beauty and that there was a solution with clean & high performing products (other “clean” products I had tried in the past simply did not work)…I knew I wanted to jump in with Beautycounter.

In just 7 months, I have truly found so much fun, community, inspiration, personal and financial growth in Beautycounter…but mostly JOY in sharing the mission and products while helping other women realize they don’t have to sacrifice their personal health in the name of beauty.

One think I quickly realized after joining as a consultant was that the fears and hesitations I had before joining simply were not founded…at all! I have tried my best to think of the many common hesitations or questions you may have about becoming a Beautycounter consultant and will answer them honestly below!

What is beautycounter and why does clean beauty matter?

Beautycounter is a clean beauty brand & movement with a mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone. If you’re like I was, you may wonder how the products we use everyday could be unsafe…like aren’t there regulations for that? Well, there should be!!! But sadly, there is VERY LITTLE regulation on the personal care industry in the US. Only 30 ingredients are banned in our products (compared to 1400+ banned in the European Union). This is not OK and so many people have no idea that what the products they are buying are filled with harmful ingredients.

What pumps me up about Beautycounter and its mission is that because of what we are doing, there is hope that Anna Stephens can walk in a Target when she’s older and KNOW that what she’s buying is safe for her, rather than having to research the company, its ingredients, what it may be hiding, etc. (because that is definitely the norm right now!) I love that Beautycounter is leading the charge on educating the public about the dangers of toxic personal care products, is providing the solution in formulating high performing and safe products AND advocating for safer beauty laws!!

We are a certified B corp that values people, planet, and profit…just not just profit! We are powered by people who are collectively sharing the products and mission in hopes that one day, all beauty will be clean beauty!

We offer multiple channels for shopping – you can shop online like you could anywhere else (with or without a consultant) or you can shop in one of our four retail stores across the US. We also have had limited time partnerships with major retailers in the past like Sephora and Target.


I love why Beautycounter decided to power the majority of their selling through independent consultants – because this mission is truly best spread person to person. If Beautycounter was sitting on a shelf next to any other product, would you know how Beautycounter products are different? Would you know about the rigorous testing that every batch of product goes through to make sure that it is safe and how we have a never list of 1,800+ ingredients that are never put into our products? Would you know the personal stories of how this brand and these products have changed people’s lives? No!

As I consultant, my hope is that I am always adding value to my client experience through my own experience and research with the products, my knowledge of how the products will work for you personally based on your skin type, needs and experiences of my other clients. I get excited to help my clients find their perfect match of foundation, maximize their savings and find the perfect gift for loved ones.

Also, my Beautycounter business is my own small business. I love supporting small business and knowing that my money is going towards helping someone I know and their family and that they are funneling their money back into their local community. It’s a win win!!

Why is now a good time to join as BEAUTYCOUNTER CONSULTANT? 

Clean beauty is not going anywhere. It is the future of personal care products. From a business perspective, Beautycounter recently received a 1 billion valuation and is the leader in clean beauty and advocacy for better regulations across the board.

Also, I believe any time is the right time to start your own business. 99% of network marketers do it in addition their full time job…this isn’t to say that it can’t become your full time job, because it absolutely can, but there is so much POWER in a side gig!! An additional stream of income is key, especially in these times of inflation, to provide more security to your family. What could $500-$1,000 extra per month provide for your family? That is a big deal!!!

Also, all women are buying personal care products and most are open to hearing about why Beautycounter is different … so if they aren’t buying them from you, they will from someone else! There is absolutely a place for you at the table.

What are the requirements to REMAIN A CONSULTANT?

There are only two requirements. The first is investing $50 to enroll ($21 if you are a Band of Beauty member). This gives you your own personal website for your customers to shop as well as access to any and every resource you need to be successful “Behind the Counter.” The $50 fee renews 1x per year to keep you active.

The second is that you have to sell $750 (this can include your PERSONAL purchases) every six months in order to remain active. If you do not meet that, then you drop down to Band of Beauty member, which is our amazing rewards program. There is no shame and nothing to lose! To put this in perspective, I sold $750 in my first 2 weeks with Beautycounter, so having 6 months to meet that goal to remain active is SO doable.

  • There are ZERO minimum purchase requirements
  • No monthly inventory to be bought or monthly minimums to meet
  • You don’t have to place orders for people or keep any inventory on hand

What are the perks?

  • 25% discount on products
  • 25%-35% commission (even if you only sell one lipstick, you will get commission on it)
  • Personal growth & community
  • Freedom to do it any way you want in ways that are authentic and genuine to you! The hours are mandatory if you want to make money, but flexible and you are in charge of your own schedule!
  • The joy of bringing healthy products into your household for yourself & your family plus helping other people bring safe & effective products into their household
  • SO many opportunities for even deeper discounts & being rewarded with free products (I was legit amazed by this and in my first month was rewarded with 6 free products, 4 50% products, and product credit simply for working my business…on top of being paid, of course!)

How much money will I make?

That is up to you! This is not a get rich quick scheme (what even is?) lol, but as a consultant, you earn 25-35% commission on everything you sell. Everyone earns at least 25% commission; the more you sell each month, the more you earn.

  • Up to $750 in sales/month: 25% commission
  • Up to $1,500 in sales/month: 30% commission
  • Up to $3,000 in sales/month: 32% commission
  • Over $3,000 in sales/month: 35% commission

For example, if I sold $500 in a month, I’d get 25% of that the next month ($125). If I sold $3,000 in a month, I’d get 35% of that the next month ($1,050). It’s very clear cut!

Do I really have time for this?

Only you know that, but I will say that I am a young mom and wife, work full time and have family, friends & church family that I prioritize time with, but I work my Beautycounter business in different margins of time, depending on the week or the month. Honestly, the only thing I’ve really had to sacrifice since joining has been the amount of time I watch TV. We all make room for the things that matter to us. This energizes me. Sharing safe beauty is important. Having a side stream of income for my family is important. Helping other women truly excites me. These are just a few of the reasons I make time for it. I think there is much to be said for working it into your everyday (for even just 10 minutes), sharing what you love with the people you encounter and serving them well!

What if I don’t have a ton of product knowledge or don’t use all non toxic products?

Don’t sweat it, girlfriend! I know plenty of girls who have joined and have never used a Beautycounter product before, because they were sold on the mission and the business opportunity. A willingness to learn and share the mission of clean beauty is what is most important. The product knowledge will come quickly and you will begin to build up your stash of products to enjoy personally and to give away to your clients.

I do not live a fully non toxic lifestyle. That’s impossible. I get excited to learn and make small changes, but it’s all about progress over perfection. Transitioning your beauty and personal care products from toxic to non toxic is a SUPER effective way to reduce your toxic load and therefore equip your body to handle the toxins that are hard to avoid more easily.

We tend to avoid taking action because we “need to learn more” but the best way to learn is often by taking action 🙂

How can I be successful WITH BEAUTYCOUNTER? 

What does success look like for you? Would it be making some fun money to get your nails done or to go shopping? Is it money to cover your kids’ summer camps or your car payment or your next vacation? Do you want to meet new people and build something that will grow you as a person, but also bless you, your family and others? All of this is success, no matter how big or small. And there is not one single approach for getting “there.” CONSISTENTCY, authenticity, offering value, serving and supporting people will almost always reap benefits for you and your business. But, how you approach your business can look a number of ways! For me, so far, it looks like engaging in real life and online conversations with people, sending personalized samples and really individualized customer service because I love connecting with people on a personal level. If you are motivated, willing to learn and personable, then you are equipped to do well in this business!

will you help me?

Duh! I would love to help you launch your business! I will be a resource for you and cheer you on! I will make sure you have all of the information, tips, and support you need to get a great start!!

Being a part of an encouraging and supportive team has greatly impacted my growth and ability to learn so much rather quickly (in a non stressful way) and I get so excited to partner with new ladies in business!

At the end of the day, though, I’m not your boss and this is YOUR business…which I think is really exciting! YOU get to decide exactly how you want to do things. There are not requirements for who you tell, when you share, if you post on social media, etc. But…if you aren’t self motivated, you won’t be able to maintain success, because no one is pressuring you to do so.

You will find your own unique way of sharing that is TRUE TO YOU and I will be here to guide you 🙂

Do I know enough people? What if I don’t have a large social media following?

Like I mentioned above, social media isn’t even necessary to be successful. Is it helpful in getting your name out there and offering value to others? Absolutely. I have heard it said social media is like your “open” sign…it lets people know that you are in this business and want to connect with them, but it is just another entry way to meaningful conversations. I do not have a large following at all (nor does anyone on my immediate team) and they are making incredible connections and sales! I have found 90% of my sales and repeat clients to be through person to person interaction! My encouragement is to use your social media as a tool in your business, because it can be effective, but don’t count on it to bring success or be the major marker of your success.

Do I have tO have sales experience?

Nope! I had zero sales experience and most who start Beautycounter do not either. You are given so many tools and resources to learn and ultimately, what I’m finding, is that sales skills = people skills. We are all SELLING something, even if we don’t recognize it. Do you tell your friends where you got your dress when they ask? Do you recommend your favorite restaurant, lip gloss, shoes, hair stylist, etc.? I mean the list can go on forever. People tell other people what they’re loving!! So why not get paid for it?


Not at all! What I really love about the Beautycounter compensation plan is that you can have a profitable business without ever recruiting a single teammate. You will have your upline and mentor to guide you, so you are never alone, but if you want to rock this thing out on your own (not further growing a team), you totally can! The profitability grows as you grow a team, but you can only make money off your team if you are working your business intentionally. You can’t ride on the coattails of your team and slack off. PRAISE THE LORD! Also, if your mentor is helping you succeed while also working their own business, it makes sense that they would make a little more money – just as your boss or manager would in any other job!

I don’t want to be one of “those people.”

I’m sure you know what I mean… and if you are concerned about this, then you probably have nothing to worry about.

I think network marketing gets a bad rap and honestly, I get it (because I thought it was scammy before too)… a lot of people have done it poorly for a long time, making it look bad for all of us. But, times are changing and I think we will see more companies empower network marketers instead of traditional marketing, because things sell better person to person. I am far more likely to buy something if someone I know can tell me how it works, how to use it, how it has helped them, etc.

I have found that when you believe what you are selling is helpful, when you are able to share (key word SHARE vs SELL) it with someone genuinely and when you offer value (which in this case would be education, safe products that work and amazing customer service) to someone out of kindness and understanding (instead of being pushy or weird or salesy), you will find it is a wonderful business model with so much potential.

Will people say no to you? You can bet on it. But that just means they aren’t ready or they aren’t your target market. And hear me tell you THAT IS OK. It is not personal. They are not saying you are a terrible person or unqualified or any of that…they are saying they are not interested (just like we decide every day that there are products we have no interest in). Any sales job takes perseverance, consistency, and the drive to continue sharing and trusting that the right people are out there and want to know about this!

Be YOU, work your business with authenticity and love, add value to people’s life and do not worry about what you cannot control.

So, are you ready to join me? 🙂 

What is the worst thing that can happen? You spend $50 and find out it’s not for you.

But what could you gain? Passion, purpose, education, amazing products, $$$, friendship, community, personal growth…the list goes on and on!!!

Is starting something new scary? Absolutely! Fear is so normal, but don’t let it drive you. I believe in starting where you are. I started scared. Most likely, you’ll start scared! But there is so much beauty + growth to be find on the other side of fear!

Reach out to me with your questions or to chat! I can’t wait to connect with you! 


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